I don’t need to eat!

Before I fell asleep I told myself: I don’t need to eat! I repeat and repeat this sentence to change my mindset. I don’t need to eat. I don’t need to eat.

I watched a programme about ‘living with Praha”. The lady tells how her travel into this lifestyle started. It took her ten years. A lifestyle she tried out and developed into a Western version.

“I live here not in India so the Indian style doesn’t make sense to me.”

As years passed by she and her partner tried out what was possible. Back then she couldn’t find anyone nearby who didn’t eat, didn’t need to eat. She wanted to meet, see and touch such a person to know if “living from the air” is real. That woman looks very healthy to me, she’s filled with positivity, shines and turns out to be over 50 years old. Interesting is to hear she once was Miss Fitness (her ex-partner bodybuilder). At that time she kept a tight diet lived on proteins, healthy food and used all kinds of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and build muscles.

“We are told to have three meals a day. If you sport six. We are raised to empty our plates. If you do not eat you’ll die. All these lessons, warnings are stored in not only the brain but each cell of the body. Only if that information is deleted, if you believe you don’t need to eat you can take the energy your body needs out of the world, everything around and inside you.”

This information fascinates me and that’s why I tell myself: I don’t need to eat.
I’m not there yet but the start is made. The need to eat already left me long ago. As a child, I had a hard time when it comes to eating. Too much, too hard to digest always fighting with my intestines but I had to eat, was forced to eat. I ear out of habit till today although not as much as during my childhood.

It isn’t the first time I hear about someone who says: I don’t need to eat. Before this lady, it was a young man who said it while standing outside on the streets eating chocolate. The chocolate was just for the taste not because he needed food, he stated. How seriously can you take a person eating with a bar of chocolate and a full mouth?

“I don’t need to eat”, makes a good mantra if you keep repeating it. We know how the mind works. It isn’t difficult to make the brain believe whatever it needs to believe or what others want you to believe. If people worldwide within a month if not a week believe there is a killer virus the brain can believe everything. So to me, it’s a good start to say: I don’t need to eat. Just saying it won’t do the trick and “I don’t need to” is not the same as “I don’t eat”.

The very first time I heard and saw a man who said he never ate was years ago. That elderly man impressed me. He was dancing in his very white, minimalistic modern furniture living. He said: I don’t eat. To me, this is one step further. He didn’t eat. My first thought was: no groceries, no dishes, no toilet paper needed. Imagine how much money and time you save if you don’t eat. It’s great for the environment too. No waste, no garbage and if you don’t eat there won’t be many footprints and you are independent.

The breatharian says s/he doesn’t need to eat. Just breathing provides in every need of the body and mind. I tried to find proof. People, I can believe they do not (need to) eat at all. I didn’t find a single person on the internet. It turns out breatharians do eat. Some once a week, others three times a week. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit they eat. To me, this lifestyle sounds more like Keto the diet I started with in 2021 together with the youngest. Intermitted fasting is what we do and it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it might be. Most likely the reason can be found in the fact we already rarely had breakfast and our normal is two meals a day and one of these meals can be a snack.

Living with Praha is according to the lady I watched not living by breathing alone. Perhaps the difference is just in the name and can it be called keto, fastening or Ramadan too. It’s clear if you don’t need to eat it’s important to focus on something else. How you feel, your body and mind. You need to stay alert and ask yourself if you feel hungry: Why is it I want to eat?

If you watch people eating many spoon it inside with no attention paid to what they eat. Not because they feel hungry but are afraid they might be without food. We are raised with the idea we should eat. If you don’t eat you die or you are ungrateful because so many would love to have that plate in front of you. It’s how I’ve been raised. No way I could leave the table if I didn’t finish my plate.

“On average, an adult has 100 to 150 grams of faeces a day. In the course of human life, the intestines process an average of 65,000 kg of food and drink (the weight of 12 elephants).”

Can you imagine how much poop that is you produce in your life? I read the toxic out of food is stored in every cell in our body and the intestines can contain 1-4 kilograms of faeces. Imagine what your inside looks like.

How to start a Pranic lifestyle?
What I understand is step-by-step. Your mind has to be ready to let feelings take over, to give up on the control. Everything taught turns out not to be true if you can live on breathing alone. There’s no need to eat times a day, to take vitamins, minerals to stay healthy.
More than one person said so and proves there are other methods to stay alive, to feel energetic and look good. With the right mindset everything is possible so who knows it’s the power of positive thinking or simply the relief of no longer depending on others. If there’s no need to eat, to some even no need to drink 50% of all our problems are solved. The only step left is to break the habit of preparing and eating meals.

I still need to buy food and cook because I have children which means shopping and spending money is included. Still, I do feel relieved I no longer need to eat and can let it be. Just like the vitamins and minerals since it isn’t said I need what the average is. As long as I feel good it’s fine enough.

By the way: those people who don’t eat say they have more energy, sleep fewer hours and see colours brighter and if they do eat once in a while -whatever they like-the stomach and intestines do their job. Sounds as if a lot we learned about food and our body belongs to the world of fables.

A man in India was mentioned who didn’t eat from the age of 9 till his death (88 years old?). His organs were tested and everything looked fine and healthy.
I couldn’t find any information about him so if you know more please, leave a comment or the link to that article.


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No rabbit for Christmas

Christmas dinner?
Food habits have changed through the years. Just like many habits, norms, values and rights. What once was common, normal, the right thing to do disappeared or is wrong. At least it is if it comes to the common people aka mass.
I don’t care about ‘woke’. Things are like they are and woke has nothing to do with it. A lack of education but above all knowing your history or the history of the country you live in, the habits you adapted has.

The grandfather of a schoolmate -primary school- did breed them. He had a shed filled with rabbits. That shed wasn’t much different from the huge shed my grandfather had. His shed was filled with rows of cages. Cages with chinchillas.
Those rabbits were not meant to keep for pets. They were food. Food for celebration days like Christmas. Even the poorer could have a Christmas dinner if they kept a rabbit alive till Christmas.

It’s hard to believe but today rabbit is food for the rich just like a good steak or meat in general. The habit of keeping your own future meat -chickens, rabbits, geese- in your garden or shed is no longer done. Neighbours will complain about the noise, smell and call you an animal molester.
At home, we never had rabbits for dinner. Christmas dinner was at my grandparents’ house and we had goose. One of grandpa’s geese and it was big enough for the entire family of nine people and it was tasty. As a child, I knew a goose is an animal. I knew what it looked like alive, it was killed and the piece of meat wasn’t produced in a factory (today children might say with a 3D printer). Did the food on my plate make me feel miserable? The answer is no. The goose had a great free life in an orchard that was at least six if not eight times bigger than my grandparents’ garden.

The first and only time I had a rabbit for a meal was at a friend’s home. I was surprised they served it. It was about 20-25 years ago and I said to my daughter: Look it is Flappie.
She shrugged and said: I don’t care it tastes good. I always admired my child for that. No matter what people say if it tastes good is it good and she doesn’t lose her appetite because of what others say, emotions or the animal/ingredients are different from what the norm is. Indeed she knows who Flappie is but Flappie’s abruptly unexpected death was his faith. 

The song about Flappie is my favourite Christmas song (I added the original Dutch version underneath). I still shed a tear if I hear it. I see the upset child, hear the tears in its voice and understand the anger. The anger of not respecting that Flappie belonged to the kid. The lies and stupid joke the father made. I grin if I listen how the story ends. I love the dark humour. Believe I know how it feels if you see your father with different eyes and understand why that evil man’ ended up in the shed. Till today Flappie is not forgotten. After all these years Youp van het Hek still makes his point. Who knows he even managed we Dutch people gave up on eating rabbits.

I remember my first meatless Christmas very well.
A magazine of a supermarket provided in it. An omelette with spinach. It was quite disappointing, tasteless. A pathetic meal which wasn’t even cheap because eggs and spinach are expensive especially in December. I don’t believe I’ve had great Christmas meals since then.
It was an economic crisis again. From one year to the next restaurants decided to stay closed during Christmas while only a few years back reservations had to be made eight till six months earlier. Today it’s the lockdown why restaurants are closed if they aren’t bankrupt already.

While others cooked at home I lost my appetite. To be honest I don’t see any point in spending a lot of money to cook for people who don’t like to travel if the weather is bad. I’ve always been the cook, the one with the stress, expenses and dirty dishes and if it comes to my children. Little children don’t care if they eat rabbit, hamburger, bread with chocolate sprinkles, chips or pancakes. What counts for them is we share quality time and they can do what they like.
So I gave up on the cooking ceremony, the new clothes, on inviting people and started our own Christmas ceremony. A tree with lights and red ribbons, pyjamas day, hot chocolate or anise milk, watching films together and sleeping longer. We eat if we feel to it. It’s fine if the meal is skipped or we have some snacks or chocolate.

What did we have for a meal on the first Christmas day December 25, 2020?
Next to hot chocolate milk, tea and bread I fried chips. The only reason I did was that it wasn’t freezing outside -I fry outside- and I didn’t want the chips to get spoiled.

December 26th I baked pancakes for brunch (breakfast + lunch). Two pancakes for each. One with cheese (Gouda + Parmesan) the other with banana (one banana in slices per pancake).

In the Netherlands, pancakes are originally not eaten for breakfast. Pancakes are more like dinner. Our pancakes are thick and big. Usually, people eat only one. If you like to see what our pancakes look like you can visit one of the many ‘pannenkoeken restaurants’ in the country. At home, people bake them differently and not as big. I don’t have a pan big enough and if so no plates.

The most known pancake is made out of milk, egg, wheat flour, salt, and vanilla sugar. It’s eaten with sugar or ‘stroop’ (syrup of sugar). The next famous pancake is with bacon or apple. Today pancakes are eaten with nearly everything on them. Let’s say what we put on a slice of bread or pizza can be found on a pancake too. It all depends on the creativity of the cook and the taste of the customer.

I’m not too crazy about pancakes (raised my youngest with pancakes) and if I bake them I frequently use oatmeal flakes. With oatmeal, the pancake is thicker, taste different and it fills the stomach. In a way, the smell reminds me of porridge.

* 1 mug oatmeal flakes (no need to use oatmeal flour)
* water
* 2-3 eggs
* salt
* wheat flour
* butter or oil to bake

I don’t add oil to the dough and didn’t use vanilla sugar in my recipe because a sweet pancake with cheese smells and taste so good.

Baking trouble/your pancakes fall apart?
* If you use oatmeal you need something extra to make a good dough. Eggs are helpful and so is wheat flour.
* Too much egg makes a pancake taste like an omelette.
* You didn’t use enough flour.
* You turned the pancake too fast.
*  You use the wrong pan. Some pans make it hard to bake a decent pancake.
*  The fire is too low or too high.

Pancakes shouldn’t look dark brown or burned it’s unhealthy.

How to
* Oatmeal flakes in a bowl.
* Add water to it (let it soak become soft)
* Add salt and eggs.
* Add water stir, flour stir and so on till you have the amount of dough you need.
You can let the dough rest if you like. It can become thicker because of the oatmeal. You can add some extra water if it’s too thick.

Make sure your pan is hot before you start baking. It’s nonsense the first pancake is always bad. Once the pan is hot put some butter or oil in it and add the dough.
Be sure the dough in the pan is dry before you turn it.
Next, you can put cheese or banana on it.
I fold the pancake so the cheese can melt and the banana is warm faster.
If you like you can turn the folded pancake to its other side for a short time.

The pancake with banana is served with powder sugar. I used a coffee grinder for it (works with rice, oatmeal flakes, nuts too).

My children love these pancakes. It’s more like a dessert, a treat than an ordinary pancake. Thicker pancakes save me time plus the thin ones are always cold at the time I finished baking and we eat. Another plus is the cold bananas are eaten instead of being ignored and thrown away. I don’t like to spoil food. So Christmas was again without rabbit, goose, deer, turkey, chicken or steak but we had chocolate and enough to eat, time for each other and no piled up dirty dishes, stress or expenses I can’t afford. We ate what I had stored and in 2022 I’ll see what the prices of groceries look like.


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