The crowd

Unexpected a big crowd showed up in Amsterdam. The demonstration was cancelled by the mayor because the police/ME would strike. Without police/ME no one can keep all those people safe.

What the mayor didn’t know is she cannot forbid demonstrations. Two people decided to have coffee and the rest -ten thousand people or more- decided to have a coffee too.

The police were present and told everyone to go into a certain street. They did, the crowd followed the orders and guess who was waiting for them? The crowd was trapped in the alley from both sides.

Striking? Again this was a set-up of the police with help of the mayor. Some policemen can use some anger management or better be sacked. Using sticks and dogs on people who pass by, those who already lay flat on the ground is not done.

It happened in The Hague, Amsterdam and so on. Already on January 2,  2022, the police showed its true colours. If the police don’t keep the people safe perhaps we should stop paying their wages.

About 50+ veterans present protected the people and the police. The police attacked them.

Veterans attacked and under fire

The police/ME was told to leave by their superior nevertheless they kept attacking and beating up young and old. Dogs were literally thrown on people and forced to bite.

Mauled by police dogs and beaten up

Demonstration January 2, 2022 – Amsterdam

Please, scroll down. Underneath the text you find more videos about what happened.

Police attacks peaceful protestors first

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The holy man

They say the government divides us. It’s true it started long ago. They do not want us to celebrate. We have to work, pay taxes and shut up. Those few who demonstrate against the last national celebration – St Nicholas- left are paid by the government, the department of Culture with money of tax payers! The people who would never agree with that. No one asked them.

More and more people no longer watch National tv or all those media sponsored by the gates foundation. Even if videos and messages are released there’s a way to see and listen, read a different opinion and know the truth.

The Saint’s arrival in Volendam

Who needs the National TV broadcasting the Saint’s arrival if city’s do it themselves? Places who do not discriminate and make a difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated. As if that makes any difference if you stand outside. “If you do not like to be vaccinated you can die,” a guy on the Dutch National TV said. “Go live in Volendam,” he said. Volendam or Urk these places are looking more and more attractive to me. Places where they care for the people and stand for what they believe. Places where no one has Covid-19 or goes to hospital with heart failures.

The Dutch government is a joke. Noticed 190 governments use exactly the same guideline? 190 governments all around the globe, different people, different situations spread exactly the same news.

## This was Volendam 101 years ago.

Look at the happiness, the clothes. Do you notice the children picking up candies and cookies (pepernoten) of the floor?

# Fauci himself says the vaccine doesn’t work!

More and more people say: Let’s continue with our life. Do what is important to us. We celebrate at home. Home town, in or outside. Volendam closed the day -the arrival of Saint Nicholas on Saturday November 15, 2021- with fireworks! Fireworks the government forbids (all in the name of Covid-19).

If you ask me there’s hope and dark days and Winters make us stronger and fight what is really important to us. These days tell us who are our friends for real.

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