Would you’ve turned around?

Once you step into a jab centre you made up your mind. You will take that jab for a reason. Your motive. You might want to go out, visit a pub or restaurant, want to travel or go to a festival. You do not take that injection because you deeply care about all those unknown elderly people or the vulnerable. If you take that jab you do it for yourself. That shot gives you hope. The hope to go to the cinema, the hope to enter a shop or in some cases to keep your job. You go for it because you do not dare to say: I pass. Sorry, I’m not a genuine pig I won’t participate in this experiment I care about my health.

If it’s your turn you don’t dare to ask if there are side effects or if it will kill you. The idea might pop up but you ignore these thoughts. If you wait 15 minutes and nothing happens you’ll be alright. Besides all those others took it so why not you? Why should it harm you, after all, you are a good person.

There’s no need to think it over. Why should you think about insurances that might not pay out if there would be a side effect worse than a painful spot? Why should you be one of those few with bad luck? Why should anyone get paralyzed or no longer be able to work or practice sport?
You don’t reread the contracts between you and the insurance companies stating you are not allowed to take part in an experiment. Why should you if the government guarantees if something goes wrong you can knock on their door and they will solve all your health and financial issues?

There’s no need to ask yourself why Moderna, J&J, AstraZeneca or all the others who swear their vaccine is safe and makes you immune refuse to pay if any harm is done. Your head already spins of all those different opinions and stories made up.
Why should you break your brains about the fact politicians, ministers, kings, queens, VIPs, doctors, virologists and all those consultants are not taking the shot?
There’s no reason to doubt about the fact only 3 “scientists” are allowed to spread the news.

Why bother about unvaxxed children abandoned from school? Children who have to follow lessons outside while it’s winter. Children who have to undress in the freezing cold before they can enter the swimming pool. Why should you care? The only one to blame is the parent who refuses to let his child be jabbed for the sake of…

That’s sake is the question. A question no one can answer. Children will not die of any variant of the coronavirus. Not one single child did during the past two years. By now we know the injections do not protect against spreading any virus. Those who are injected and take booster after booster still live in fear.
If these shots don’t stop spreading a virus, do not make you immune, the side effects harm and kill more people than co-vi-d did why should you take it? To go out and spread the virus? To visit the elderly and put them in danger? To travel abroad and end up in quarantine? To give a good example to your children? If this is the case I wonder what all those children will say about their parents. Perhaps not now but in five, ten, fifteen or twenty-five years. Will they be proud of their folks and say: You did a great thing and saved us, the world?

Will disabled people still exist or will healthy people be a rarity?
No matter what the scenario will be healthcare in the nearest future will no longer be available for the minority. Sick, disabled people are a burden to each society and not only for parents or children who have to deal with it. In the future, there won’t be money for healthcare. It’s even questionable if there are good, trustworthy doctors, nurses, caretakers left. People who won’t kill you with one injection or pill because you are no longer needed.

Would it have made any difference if the one who gave you that jab had informed you about all the health dangerous risks you take? The site howbad.info didn’t exist yet as this experiment started but if you couldn’t have consulted it before you received that jab and without your lot number.

Imagine if those who gave the injections would have informed everyone. Would they have asked what a seizure or paralysed person looks like? Would they have stepped out of that line, turned around and gone back home? Would you if they told you you would be infertile or dead in 2023? Would you’ve changed your mind if they informed you objectively and told you you have over 85% to get harmed and your natural immune system will never function again? I don’t think so.

Indeed all those who didn’t inform each client they injected about the risks of joining medical experiments committed a crime. It is against the law and if done on purpose (in this case it is) it’s a crime. This indeed means every vaccination centre is a crime scene. Crime scenes should be investigated. Being vaccinated with an experimental injection is no law. It is what they did in concentration camps during the second world war. It is against the Nürnberg code! Since no government changed the law this means you lined up out of your own free will.
I believe if you would have been informed you still would have taken that injection because you trust a company like AstraZeneca who has been sued more than once and your fear lead you.  You would have ignored what the doctor said. How do I know? Because many great doctors, specialists, virologists and scientists said so. They informed and warned about what could happen. They were laughed at, scolded at and reported by their patients, removed on social media and called conspiracy terrorists by colleagues, the media and you.

The bitter truth is these “conspiracy terrorists” turn out to be right. After (more than) two years of predicting what would happen, telling us how we would be fooled, fall for the lies, how easily we would let ourselves be divided readily to fight and blame the opposite, we still think the next shot will save our life. We still believe we go back to normal while our impatience increases. In the meanwhile, we fear those we harmed, those we blamed for our (bad) choices and misery, our lack of courage. The anxiety for what the new normal will bring eats us but most of all we worry about the consequences of our deeds.

I believe 2022 will be the year of truth. Perhaps not the year of justice and tribunals about crimes committed against humanity but the truth will be known.
No way we go back to normal but hopefully, we build a new normal together. A normal build on trust with love, energy and hope for the future. A chance for our children, the next generation without the shame we brought over them by our behaviour, lack of courage.
The only way to do so is by staying strong, united and taking responsibility for our own deeds instead of making excuses of why we did what when and for which reason. The only thing that counts is we show and spread love and do our best from now on.


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I don’t need to eat!

Before I fell asleep I told myself: I don’t need to eat! I repeat and repeat this sentence to change my mindset. I don’t need to eat. I don’t need to eat.

I watched a programme about ‘living with Praha”. The lady tells how her travel into this lifestyle started. It took her ten years. A lifestyle she tried out and developed into a Western version.

“I live here not in India so the Indian style doesn’t make sense to me.”

As years passed by she and her partner tried out what was possible. Back then she couldn’t find anyone nearby who didn’t eat, didn’t need to eat. She wanted to meet, see and touch such a person to know if “living from the air” is real. That woman looks very healthy to me, she’s filled with positivity, shines and turns out to be over 50 years old. Interesting is to hear she once was Miss Fitness (her ex-partner bodybuilder). At that time she kept a tight diet lived on proteins, healthy food and used all kinds of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and build muscles.

“We are told to have three meals a day. If you sport six. We are raised to empty our plates. If you do not eat you’ll die. All these lessons, warnings are stored in not only the brain but each cell of the body. Only if that information is deleted, if you believe you don’t need to eat you can take the energy your body needs out of the world, everything around and inside you.”

This information fascinates me and that’s why I tell myself: I don’t need to eat.
I’m not there yet but the start is made. The need to eat already left me long ago. As a child, I had a hard time when it comes to eating. Too much, too hard to digest always fighting with my intestines but I had to eat, was forced to eat. I ear out of habit till today although not as much as during my childhood.

It isn’t the first time I hear about someone who says: I don’t need to eat. Before this lady, it was a young man who said it while standing outside on the streets eating chocolate. The chocolate was just for the taste not because he needed food, he stated. How seriously can you take a person eating with a bar of chocolate and a full mouth?

“I don’t need to eat”, makes a good mantra if you keep repeating it. We know how the mind works. It isn’t difficult to make the brain believe whatever it needs to believe or what others want you to believe. If people worldwide within a month if not a week believe there is a killer virus the brain can believe everything. So to me, it’s a good start to say: I don’t need to eat. Just saying it won’t do the trick and “I don’t need to” is not the same as “I don’t eat”.

The very first time I heard and saw a man who said he never ate was years ago. That elderly man impressed me. He was dancing in his very white, minimalistic modern furniture living. He said: I don’t eat. To me, this is one step further. He didn’t eat. My first thought was: no groceries, no dishes, no toilet paper needed. Imagine how much money and time you save if you don’t eat. It’s great for the environment too. No waste, no garbage and if you don’t eat there won’t be many footprints and you are independent.

The breatharian says s/he doesn’t need to eat. Just breathing provides in every need of the body and mind. I tried to find proof. People, I can believe they do not (need to) eat at all. I didn’t find a single person on the internet. It turns out breatharians do eat. Some once a week, others three times a week. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit they eat. To me, this lifestyle sounds more like Keto the diet I started with in 2021 together with the youngest. Intermitted fasting is what we do and it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it might be. Most likely the reason can be found in the fact we already rarely had breakfast and our normal is two meals a day and one of these meals can be a snack.

Living with Praha is according to the lady I watched not living by breathing alone. Perhaps the difference is just in the name and can it be called keto, fastening or Ramadan too. It’s clear if you don’t need to eat it’s important to focus on something else. How you feel, your body and mind. You need to stay alert and ask yourself if you feel hungry: Why is it I want to eat?

If you watch people eating many spoon it inside with no attention paid to what they eat. Not because they feel hungry but are afraid they might be without food. We are raised with the idea we should eat. If you don’t eat you die or you are ungrateful because so many would love to have that plate in front of you. It’s how I’ve been raised. No way I could leave the table if I didn’t finish my plate.

“On average, an adult has 100 to 150 grams of faeces a day. In the course of human life, the intestines process an average of 65,000 kg of food and drink (the weight of 12 elephants).”

Can you imagine how much poop that is you produce in your life? I read the toxic out of food is stored in every cell in our body and the intestines can contain 1-4 kilograms of faeces. Imagine what your inside looks like.

How to start a Pranic lifestyle?
What I understand is step-by-step. Your mind has to be ready to let feelings take over, to give up on the control. Everything taught turns out not to be true if you can live on breathing alone. There’s no need to eat times a day, to take vitamins, minerals to stay healthy.
More than one person said so and proves there are other methods to stay alive, to feel energetic and look good. With the right mindset everything is possible so who knows it’s the power of positive thinking or simply the relief of no longer depending on others. If there’s no need to eat, to some even no need to drink 50% of all our problems are solved. The only step left is to break the habit of preparing and eating meals.

I still need to buy food and cook because I have children which means shopping and spending money is included. Still, I do feel relieved I no longer need to eat and can let it be. Just like the vitamins and minerals since it isn’t said I need what the average is. As long as I feel good it’s fine enough.

By the way: those people who don’t eat say they have more energy, sleep fewer hours and see colours brighter and if they do eat once in a while -whatever they like-the stomach and intestines do their job. Sounds as if a lot we learned about food and our body belongs to the world of fables.

A man in India was mentioned who didn’t eat from the age of 9 till his death (88 years old?). His organs were tested and everything looked fine and healthy.
I couldn’t find any information about him so if you know more please, leave a comment or the link to that article.


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How bad

This morning I bumped into this link about how bad the injection you had is or… is not.
Is not because the opposite of bad is good and some injections do a good job. So if you have your batch (lot) number at hand you can check it out. If these are the real numbers depends on the doctors and as we know most people will never mention a side effect. Side effects are common therefore normal even if you lose a leg. By the way, those who die will not complain either and most of them are old, vulnerable or useless anyway. It’s why the jab is invented. To save the world. To save the elderly and vulnerable for worse.

It sounds odd to me worldwide not everyone receives the same Pfizer jab if it comes to the ingredients. Shouldn’t that be the case? I mean Moderna is Moderna and J&J uses its own (secret) ways to make us immune with only one jab. At least that was the idea back then.

Back then was only a few months ago at the time the holidays started and we loved to have fun, wanted to travel and not be labelled as an egocentric anti-vaxxer which today we all are unless we go for the 4th booster.
Biden, Bo-Jo, Fauci, De Jonge to start with are selfish because they didn’t take that shot. It’s meant for the mass only. It’s the mass who needs to care about the vulnerable, the elderly, the environment. Mainly the mass in Europe.
The elderly and vulnerable are locked in, not even allowed to go out, to celebrate, visit a cinema or go live with their son.

I wonder what all those empty words, those copy-pasted phrases are about. I’m 100% sure we do nothing for the sake of others. What we do we do for us.
We took and take the jab to be able to go out. We want to visit a pub and go abroad alone. We don’t have the intention to take the elderly and vulnerable along we rather dump them somewhere invisible in a nursery home. All those people die alone, at home or in a hospital bed. We don’t care just shout out loud which is enough proof. Proof to ourselves we are that good guy and the rest -those who sing and dance- are the bad selfish ones with the poisonous breath.
How bad this world became within only a short time.



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Close your mouth

“Don’t breathe through your mouth. Sleep with your mouth closed.”
It sounds like good advice and logically. At school, we all learned that’s what a nose is meant for. For breathing in and out, filtering the air we breathe in, warming it up and smell.
To breathe you need a nose that allows you to, you need a functional nose. To filter the air you breathe in you need hair in your nose. To warm up the air you should breathe in through your nose. It sounds to me warming up air is only necessary if the air you breathe in is cold. You don’t need to warm up 18 degrees Celsius or more, most likely not even 14+ degrees. That fresh air, that breeze many love to feel is the cold(er) air we are used to.

If the nose is dysfunctional there’s no other option left than breathing through the mouth. It’s not a free choice to do so but like said the only option. An option that happens automatically. If you don’t believe me ask someone to choke you or put a bag over your head and experience what happens with your mouth. Your mouth will open and not scream for help in the first place. To those with allergies or a dysfunctional nose for other reasons, no other options are left. Just breathing with the skin is not sufficient and the ears can’t take over either.
A big nose is no guarantee for a fine working system inside. We’ll know that same effect in animals, mainly dogs and cats, we breed with. Those flat faces, big noses we find cute -and are willing to pay hundreds of euros if not thousands for – are dysfunctional. We mess with the DNA to make normal look different. The handicapped animal we call special and comes with a pedigree is a wrong breed. Nature wouldn’t think out anything like that unless it’s a plant. The fact is these dogs can hardly breathe. That they aren’t able to run and play are always out of breath doesn’t bother us.
If it comes to humans we don’t give a damn either. As long as we can breathe, have a good life there’s no need to change anything. Who cares about someone else’s lack of air? All those allergies are caused by people with their perfumes, aftershaves, deodorants, air wicks and refreshers. All that toxic is unnecessary if we would simply wash and ventilate. If we can use fresh air, pure products, natural products like herbs to influence our stinking environment why don’t we and prefer chemicals instead? Can it be most people have a bad nose, can’t smell well?

The nose can be a fine instrument if it can be used for what it’s meant for. Not for breathing only but smelling too. You can’t smell if you need your mouth to breathe and the tissue inside your nose is swollen, infected, dehydrated. If the nasal mucous membrane is dry has cracks and fissures breathing is painful and smelling much won’t be in it.
How that influences people we all know since the pandemic of fear was introduced. Suddenly a cold, a cough or sore throat is seen as the most terrible thing that can happen to anyone. That and of course losing the smell. The media lets a crybaby or paid actor tell how terrible it is to not have the smell back after weeks. Weeks after they caught a cold. Which cold is never proved either if that person ever had a great nose. Indeed the idea is we believe co-vi-d caused it since a cold, the flu, allergies and cancer no longer exist. Fear needs to be kept alive. If no reliable person can be found a hypochondriac is a great solution. These drama queens, crybabies in need of attention, those people who are always sick, on their way being ill or the first to visit the doctor if they heard or read about a disease. Those hypocrites are not reliable but who cares? Doctors, media love the theatre, they embrace people with the Munchausen syndrome and psychopaths these days.

To those who can’t breathe for other reasons than co-vi-d scam, this might be a plus. Imagine the medical caretakers use ventilators on these people and damage their lungs with this treatment too? It wouldn’t improve their lives most likely kill them and no doctor would ever admit he caused this damage. Damage doctors call side effects or ‘own risk’. Even death is called a side effect since 2020. Patients are clients. Clients pay bills and more bills. Their payments are done without the right of service, examination, a solution, quality or any guarantee. This is for entrepreneurs only. Two years guarantee within the EU. So for what exactly do we pay a doctor, that person who doesn’t care and shares private information with third parties?

Ever asked yourself which business will go bankrupt first? The doctor or the bakery? My guess is the doctor.
Many already gave up on healthcare they do it themselves just like so many people did hundreds of years ago. The lack of medical care, social care, health insurance and their 1001 excuses why they do not pay plus a lack of money made this possible. People learned they are on their own. They learned how to swim and if not they drown. Just like the vet and dentist visiting a doctor became a luxury again. The pandemic of fear made many realize that. Just like the flu medical care no longer exists and it all started twenty if not thirty years ago.
Who needs a doctor if you know already what the diagnosis will be? Doctors’ offices, medical care phone numbers all use the internet and medical encyclopedia. The same one we use if we are looking for answers.
Doctors no longer listen, examine because the WEF guidelines say the world suffers from co-vi-d the made-up disease. There’s no room for other diseases or doubt.

So if you have a dysfunctional nose -for one reason or another- breathe in and out in the way it benefits them most. Indeed a sore, dry throat is the result and waking up with one isn’t great but it can always be worse.
Something simple like water takes care of that troat and just like others, these people start the day because one gets used to it.
Those with allergies are used to staying away from people who use an overdose of smelly products in the hope to cover up their scent. An odour they most likely can’t smell themselves. With allergies you stay away from what irritates you, that is what your nose is good for. It warns you of what is toxic dangerous in a different way. The detergent section, for example, crowds, smokers and at times nature because polls can irritate too which means ventilating and going outside isn’t in it.

“You should sleep with your mouth closed,” the doctor says as if the one without breath is a moran and doesn’t understand the effects of using the mouth instead.
“Breathe through your nose.”

How did this doctor never examine the reason why this is impossible? How come he always sits behind his desk? It’s not that people say: Hey, let’s do something crazy, let’s sleep with an open mouth at night.
There’s a good reason why people do that just like teeth grinding while sleeping or pushing their teeth together so hard that they damage and the pieces jump off. All these actions aren’t a free choice either. Just like breathing through the mouth, it’s caused by something. Something doctors aren’t willing to figure out but you can and if not find a way to make yourself feel better or to reduce the side effects. That’s all that counts. A liveable life with no extra harm caused by side effects, pills, treatments or cheap advice a four-year-old can give too.
Doctors are not almighty, most don’t care about their clients, all those ‘little’ pains. They hardly have real experience and lack knowledge about the medications they prescribe. Many doctors are a fraud, scam or as they were called back then quacks. To these quacks, a patient is just a client. One out of many and they know exactly how to treat these cash cows. Two minutes of ‘attention’, common advice that won’t harm given by someone who should know even if he doesn’t and lies.

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Let’s talk about poop

Men hiding in the private reading the newspaper?
True or? Our toilet wasn’t a big space. I doubt my father could have easily read the newspaper inside but he used Saturdays and Sunday’s to do so. Newspapers back then were big. You could hide behind. Those small-sized papers ‘Metro’ size or called tabloid came later, way later. Later as in the moment, people started to read news on the internet, took that free paper instead of paying for fake, coloured news. With the internet not only the size of the daily newspaper changed but the way, it looked like it as well. The newspaper changed its looks into a gossip magazine. Boldly printed, misleading headlines were used. Headlines famous because they are lies and later we learned they are called on the internet click bates. Rarely does the article correspond with the headline which isn’t important to all those who can’t read, those who don’t care about the truth or use the daily newspaper for toilet paper. Indeed that’s what we did back then too. We used newspaper for toilet paper and if you like it or not it worked. So if you are afraid to run out of paper like you did a year ago know there’s a way out.

If it comes to newspapers the only positive thing about it is the fact a new newspaper is hygienic. A newborn can be wrapped in it but it’s good to use in the litter box of your cat or on the bottom of the cage of your bird, rat, rabbit, hamster, ferret or snake. They all love newspapers, more than most humans do. Not because they read the shit written or copy-pasted from abroad but because they tear it apart, crawl through the layers, build a nest or poop and pee on it and poop is what this article is about. Those mountains of poop humans worldwide produce a day. Defecation entire societies have to take care of together with lakes filled with urine. It would be easier if we all drank and consumed what we dump in a pot or on the street. Rabbits do that, at least if it comes to the first poop. Those shiny, wet rabbit droppings contain what the body needs. Their body needs tricks to digest those veggies and get some energy out of them.  

If you belong to those people -interesting enough they are mainly men- who poop three times a day you will be busy. Busy eating which means you can forget about reading a newspaper on the toilet you won’t have time for that. You need to consume what you just shit out and as a family man, you know a long row of members wait behind that door. They all are in high need after the meal. That habit of the need to visit the potty right before, during or after a meal is what babies have too. Changing a diaper before you feed means you can do it again after the meal. If something goes in something else has to go out. You can call it instinct but it’s actually how the body works. Our intestines are meters long for a reason. That reason is not to store food till the end of the day but is a part of the digesting system. A digesting system that doesn’t seem to work very well for millions of people. Most of these people are women.
Saying these women don’t eat healthy enough, should move and drink more, have to trust their body and take the time for their toilet visit doesn’t do the trick. These are basic tips meant for people who have constipation once a year, not for those who suffer from it for years, perhaps thirty or even over fifty years.

Most girls, women are always busy. Little girls worldwide are kept busy only boys and men can escape from being housewives, mothers, house chores, two jobs next to all they already have to do. Men have all the time to read a paper or magazine or play with their phone on the toilet. Women on the other hand feel the rush and guilty. They multitask.

Men hide in that little room.
Not because they always need to poop but because they feel too good to give a hand and claim they have the right to relax after a day of hard work. For generations, we hear the same excuse. The man worked hard -even if he’s jobless- and deserved his peace. Women on the other hand are lazy bitches. Even those single moms with two jobs who have no time to pee are. Women, busy women don’t need a break. Not even showering for five minutes is in it. There’s always someone banging at or shouting behind the door. Women are always the last ones going to the bathroom, the last ones who sit down because they need to clean the seat and pot first, get rid of the dirt the family left behind. Poop makes people sick did you know that?

Not only the poop we keep inside, hold in for days called constipation but also the poo in the toilet bowl and poop on the unwashed hands. Hands that touch doorknobs, shake other hands and with some bad luck touch your face. Those bacteria living inside one man might not harm that person but it harms others. Now I mention it. Ever smelled ar hands after a toilet visit but also after they are washed with soap? As a mother and shelter owner, I cleaned more faeces and droppings than you can imagine. I shovelled heaps of it away and I can tell you poop and poop is not the same. Even after washing your hands longer with soap, it can be smelled that is if you have a fine nose like mine.

We aren’t such a clean species.
Look around you and you know why we are overweight, sick, develop those diseases which are frequently called ‘luxury diseases’ or if you like ‘first world’ diseases. If you suffer from those diseases you have something in common with many others which is a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle that humans shouldn’t lead. It doesn’t make much difference if you are a couch potato or sit behind your desk, it doesn’t make any difference if you stuff yourself with pizza in India, the USA or Africa. Most people -indeed not everyone- are a victim of modern life if it comes to the rush we live in, the food we consume, and the medication we take.
Our food and drinks are no longer healthy. Most of what we feed our bodies with is prepared in factories. Genetically modified food is prepared or treated chemically. In factories, chemistry is applied rather than cooking but hey, it’s so easy to consume and it comes with a taste we love. Even if we don’t like the taste or the way it looks like we say we do because each one of us wants to be part of that modern life invented abroad. We don’t like to be seen as a loser, we don’t give a shit about our health, all we don’t want is to be the wretch who lingers in the past and can’t afford to do anything. We want, no need to eat those chemical burgers with side dishes at the fast-food-barn even if our body can’t digest it and it sticks like a ball of plastic in our intestines or eats our stomach.

So there we are back on the potty.
We can’t distract ourselves with a newspaper, not even a piece meant to wipe our bottom clean since those good old times are over. You press and press and scream at the top of your lungs and wonder why you are sweating so much. You ask yourself: How can it be that a simple function of the body works for others but not for me? A painful belly and back, all those metres of intestines inside of you turn out to be useless. Thinking back you wonder if this runs into the family. How many times did your grandparents eat, give it a try on that toilet seat and what about your parents?

If you tried everything, the extra exercise, the whole grains, all those promising diets and drank litres of water a day and nothing works you know something else is going on. For one reason your intestines might be longer than average. The longer they are the more impossible it will be to empty them. You can consume kilos of whole grains, drink bathtubs of water a day but it won’t help you it will only make it worse. Focusing on the pain, walking stairs for hours or water with lemon in the morning won’t cure you. Let me say this. If these tricks work for you you don’t suffer from real constipation as in long term, for life. You most likely are overweight, eat too much and your intestines can’t handle all the intake.

Not enough fruits or vegetables isn’t the main reason why millions of people suffer for constipation today. The fact is our digestive system is not evolving as fast as humans are genetically engineering food. It is not only pesticides and air pollution that affect our health. The world’s genetically modified seed trade and the pharmaceutical industry have been influencing our health since the day we were born and for generations. More and more babies have digestive issues, allergies, ADHD, cancer and health issues that should alarm us instead of shrug and ignore while we take the next 160 tablets some doctor prescribed to fill his wallet and eat three more pizzas.

There are books written about poop.
They tell you how to sit on the toilet, what to eat, what to do if your faeces don’t look or smell good. Diarrhoea, by the way, isn’t a sign of healthy intestines and if your breath smells like poo it’s time to work on your health. Brushing your teeth won’t do the trick. A frequently sit on the potty will. The first step is the hardest but needed. That poison stored in your body has to get out. That won’t happen overnight. You need to reduce your intake drastically and get rid of as much body fat as you can. Why? Because fat stores all the toxic and to flush that out you need to slim down and drink water. As much water as you can, at least 4-5 litres. Not for a day or week but for weeks if not months. Massages of the intestines can help just like an intake of more vitamins and minerals so fruits for a meal and water with minerals might save you.

How to get rid of the constipation, that stone-hard poop cannot easily be answered. That’s why you can’t find the answer back in any book about poop issues. There’s no golden trick that can save you from that stored poop inside. The only hope there is is the intestines do their job. It might take three to four weeks, it might feel worse than the delivery of a baby, it may end with a ripped out anus and squeezed out intestines but it will come out. If you hold in for too long the last part of your intestines can no longer do the job. It even gave up on warning you it’s time to shit. The worst scenario is it comes out through your mouth or the doctor has to take it out. Something vets can tell you all about. Our pet cats seem to suffer from the same digestion issues as we. Diarrhoea and constipation are common in cats and even our cows do not poop normal because of what we do to them and how we feed them.

It’s easy to say we should eat more healthy but healthy food is hard to find. No matter what we sow or grow it’s most likely genetically manipulated. Besides we no longer eat to feed our body but out of habit, we stuff ourselves. For some reason, many of us act -if it comes to food- as if this is our last meal as if we just survived the hunger winter. We eat without tasting, chewing properly and as fast as possible as if we are afraid someone might steal our plate.
Trusting our body is not enough to end the issues. Reading a magazine can distract and help but works the other way round too. Not the reading but the long sit and the way we sit on a toilet seat. It’s unnatural. The intestines are not laying in a straight line but are curled up, pressed against the backbone, ribs, other organs. Besides those with poop issues will have created a kind of sack at the side of the last part of the intestines. How to get a heap of poop out of there and back into line? That straight line to the anus which is the natural way out?

If medication causes constipation it’s better to ask yourself if you can do without. Also important is to make a habit out of your toilet visit. Sitting for hours on the potty in the cold won’t do the trick but on the other hand, our brain and body needs to get used to the new body rhythm which is what we as a babty did. There’s no need to hold in what should be out. If your life is hectic, that toilet seat is always occupied don’t give up but invest in yourself. Send those family members outside or go at night. Giving your body a rhythm that fits you is a good option too.

Being busy, kept busy by others is no reason to neglect your body’s needs. It’s dangerous to hold in and not visit a toilet. No matter child or adult if you need to go you need to go. If you can not feel the need, don’t feel any pressure go too. Visit the toilet at certain times. Set a timer. For example 15 minutes after a meal or before a meal. Those dishes, the house chores have to wait.

Constipation poisons you and it’s worth fighting it. No matter what they say it’s important to know your body. Know what infects your habits, which food makes your belly feel swollen like a balloon, which food, medication, injection or situation doesn’t do you good. Constipation problems influence the mood, the entire health and are abnormal. Every person deserves the right to empty the bladder and intestines. So don’t use that smallest room to escape from duties you don’t like and give others some room and privacy too. Holding in is dangerous. Not only if it comes to what’s on your mind but that mountain of poop many produce after eating daily as well. If all that poo stays in the intestines the intestines keep working on it. Each bit of fluid will be taken out. What’s left will be like a stone around your neck. Sitting in a crouch should do the trick. It will be hard on a modern toilet seat but one thing is sure. If you sit that way you won’t spend as much time inside. This way it will be harder to read a newspaper or play with your phone.

Obstructions in the digestive system tumours, adhesions from abdominal operations, pregnancies, childbirth, congenital abnormalities such as a longer intestinal tract causing stool to remain in the intestines too long, medication, chemically processed and genetically modified food, lack of rest, vitamins, minerals, anal sex, vaccination, not taking the time to go to the toilet, embarrassment, a strange toilet, are all reasons why millions of people suffer from constipation. When this problem runs in the family for generations, it will not be easy to solve. Regular detoxification of the body is important. In addition, a personal lifestyle and personal menu can offer a solution. This is next to consuming minimally and only food which the body needs which can still be tasty. Keeping a diary about your lifestyle, food and poop habits can be a big help to find out what the main causes are. Air in the bowels but not being able to defecate means that the intestines are still (partly) working. So there is hope. Hope for those who want to get rid of what stands in the way of better health. Do not count on a day, a week or a few months; this is a lifelong struggle. One that is accompanied by terrible cramps and pain and can cost you a few days of suffering a week. Do not give up, have faith in your body and above all take your time. Something that has been wrong since birth or that has grown over the years cannot be fixed overnight. You will probably have to live with that damage and find a way that is livable for you, even if it means a toilet visit only once or twice a month.

“All that man shits out is manure,” a colleague once said and he is right. Your poop is manure. In man’s case waste and harmful. It can no longer be used to fertilize the crops like people used to do. The reason is what we consume, all those toxic intakes. The body cannot use it and either can nature.

By definition waste is garbage. This means if we produce that much we eat too much and eat wrongly. Know constipation is not healthy but either is defecating three times a day or more, a green, yellow, smelly, thin, watery, dark poop and not being able to hold it in.

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Bird poop

There’s no one in this world that dealt with so much poop as I did. Well, perhaps the water cleaning equipments of the cities do.

Till today I still clean poop, others their poop. Humans, animals and I wonder what’s worse, smells worse. If it comes to poop I do know you have to wash your hands very frequently and some soaps don’t do the job well. Your hands still smell after poop and scrubbing them three times is a common thing to do at least for me. By the way using toilet paper or a diaper does not mean you don’t need to wash your hands.

If it comes to the plandemic it’s good hygiene is introduced again but I wonder how many of you still stick to all those panick advises given. I remember how one year ago people started cleaning their house, doorknobs were finally cleaned. Clothes washed each time they came from outside, the groceries needed to be disinfected and all types of disinfectant been bought. How we hoped it would keep us safe. What did we know at that time? Only what they told us and wanted us to believe. We fell for it. Indeed we did although not one restriction killed that virus and trust me it will never happen.

Poop is natural and so are bacteria and viruses.

Inhaling a bit virus a day keeps the doctor away!

Your immune, your natural immune system needs it.
Instead we did rediculous things that didn’t make sense. Not one of our acts helped to fight the aerosols. What is in the air, the air of a badly ventilated place can not be killed if we stop shaking hands and keeping distance or wear a facemask. We locked ourselves inside, started an unhealthy life, eat and drank alcohol too much and no longer cared about boosting our immunesystem. We breathe in the dirty air inside, use our facemask for nearly two years without washing it and don’t care about the news men, overweight people and those being diabetic go first.

The good news about the plandemic and lockdowns is now you know how an inmate feels, you are no longer an individual or number but a QR code and more ‘cool’ high tech will be released on us humans (pills with chips checking your inside).



Bird poop

If you ask me bird poop is the worst. It drops out of the blue at unwanted places and it’s hard to wash off. You need to scrub and scrub and scrub to make whatever the shit sticks to bright again. Politicians are like birdpoop. Most likely not the poop of a black bird but the poop of pigeons, doves. You think this breed is handy, saves you, a prize winner but in reality they deliver each message wrong or too late. Their poop sticks everywhere and the only one who knows what that bird says is the other pigeon bred in the WEF dovecote.
Doves do not bring peace. They are there to divide and spread their shit everywhere cities first.

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Plastic bag

How come I feel so sad?
Leaves falling?
No sun?
A lack of everything except CO2?

Where are the parks, trees?
No bush, flower left to breathe
excrete oxygen out

Panic attack
Use a bag
They say

Breathe deeply
They say
They say
They say
In and out
They say
They say
You’ll be fine
They state

‘Medical Care’
Another test
How come?
I’m not treated like the rest.
Are you sure they do their best?

My parents warned me
Do not play with plastic bags!
Do not place them over your head!

Out of breath
Use of face mask
It’s hard to breathe
Out of security
I am forced
Sticking my head
In a used plastic bag.
No hygiene

How come I am treated this way?
Child abuse
At home
CPS would show its face.
Leave me alone!

Granny was right
Hospital isn’t the place to be
Lack of knowledge

Next time
I use the old medical encyclopedia
Granny’s tips
I stay home!

It’s not Autumn
What makes me sad
It’s the plastic bag!
Nurses, doctors
forced me to wear it
over my head.
Are they real?
Can they read?

For your safety!
Plastic kills!

‘Medical care’
Needs you.
No common sense
No skills asked
One single task
make people stop breathing
Children first.

Dedicated to all those children (people) who are forced by hospitals to pull a plastic bag over their head.


The good news is soon there will be no plastic bags left and you are choked with a pillow.

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Back to normal?

Ever watched those movies about an armageddon? Each one starts the same. The world ends (the world is the USA) and of course the wealthy survive and reign on. Those wealthy men have a lot in common with the old men we face today: Fauci, Bill Gates and even Bourla. They are the ones who rule and threaten us.
If you read between the lines, if you read news, all news worldwide you know we will never go back to normal.

The normal we knew is gone for long. You just hope we’ll go back but it’s too late for that.

* From now on you are registered and have to prove it with every step you take.
* Shot after shot is needed. If you refuse you will be part of the unvaxxed population.
* If a jab or booster kills you you are registered as “unvaxxed”.
* You will blame the unvaxxed because you need a scapegoat.
*You live in fear because you gave your right away, your natural immunesystem is broke.
* You will have to live (or die) with the higher risks of heartdiseases, bleedings, cancer.
*You live a lie and hope it will be back to normal soon.

* You put your faith in taking care of yourself, your immune system.
* You can no longer eat salad or meat because they will add the mRNA into it.
* You refuse to let yourself jabbed because Pfizeer wants you to.
* Malls, festivals, holidays, perhaps even a job are history.
* You will be the scapegoat, the pariah and on your own. There will be no room for you if this world faces the end.
* You will be part of history. A history that tales how the world once was, a normal world your anchestors fought for.

No matter what you choose… We’ll never go back to normal. Soon big brother is watching you with help of your smart tv, phone, smart fridge, toilet, washing machine, vacuumcleaner and if you don’t listen they force you. Your bankaccount will be closed, they switch off the power and force you into their new normal and you know what! Within at least a year you all will say: We are finally back to normal thanks to the experimental shots.


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A single shot

Slowly most of us pick up our lives again. I hardly hear anyone talk about going back to normal. The only one who mentioned it lately was an employer. To him meant back to normal back to the office! The end of home offices. There are plenty of people who loved working at home. I would stimulate it. No need for a huge office and it’s proved people work harder. I would not hire gossipers, chit chatters, those who keep endless coffee breaks and smoking breaks anyway. No matter what they state about cigarettes (80% of the smokers won’t get covid). No, they won’t. They will get cancer, cough like an idiot is hoarse, smell and those forced to inhale their smoke will get lung cancer too. Apparently, dying of lung cancer isn’t so bad. By the way, one out of six women over here get breast cancer. If you ask me we have worse diseases to worry about.

The coronavirus is though. I read this morning our RIVM made one age group out of 0-50 years old otherwise the numbers of those infected and being sick are so extremely low that they need to talk about a single individual! Who’s fooling who? I agree it sounds better to take numbers out of China or some bad scenario calculation. Good news, positive developments do not impress. The biggest fool can understand that. Divide (spread fear, name a scapegoat) and reign (being a dictator is totally hot these days so why not give it a try?).

A Belgium doctor told something interesting. It might bring hope to those who need it. It’s indeed hard to ignore all those facts spread around. They say scolding doesn’t hurt but it does. Especially if those words flow out of the mouth of people with zero tolerance. People like Fauci, Hugo de Jonge and everyone who didn’t study meds, don’t care about nature (the right to die of the flu, covid, a SARS or other virus if the PCR test shows positive). Of course many do their best. Life goes on and has to go on.

Those purebloods are poor of mind and should stay inside, hide. Preferably filled with shame and if that doesn’t work better kick them to death after all everyone with a mind, who can think, is a terrorist. I read what a lack of food does to your brain. There are easier ways to depopulate but I guess they won’t bring as much cash. The cash which shouldn’t flow into the hands of the common people because minimalism will save all of us.

Pick up your life, have fun like those 25k+ people in Madrid, those who cheered at Megadeth or the Unmute Us demonstrators who danced through the city of Utrecht. It’s true what they say you only live once and the world we live in can be taken away tomorrow… A single shot and it’s over.

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Trust nature, yourself for a change

Action = reaction.

If you play it well you know how the reaction will be and use it to your benefit.

How it all started?

It’s hard to tell. Most likely it was long before the last two world wars. Every war is a set-up. Every war is never fought alone. There are always people who benefit from it. Those who start the fire by spreading the news, selling the weapons, those who keep fear alive and made people live or run or hide, those who come to our aid and rescue and those who help to rebuild for as long as it takes or they feel to it. All those who do are always the same people, the same who earn. Tests done on Jews in concentration camps people benefit from today. Bayer didn’t die, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf spreading nazi news is still read and by now every paper has changed into a gossip magazine with bold headlines. Baitclicks people might or cannot click on but they read it and even if the short article is the opposite of that headline the message is spread and a part of the brain is washed again.
Every war is good for something, a reset. After each war people understand they lose property, they understand they have to work hard and they are willing to because nothing is so stimulating as nationalism and rebuilding your country. Making it better than it has ever been. The crisis, the bad management, terrible decisions started a war and forced many to alliances they are still obeying.

If you lost everything, if you have no army and embrace peace, if you believe all people are equal you are a loser and the only thing you can hope for is someone coming to your aid.

Wars… they always start the same. Spread the words of injustice and people climb on the barricades. Not all people but many. With angry people it is hard to discuss, the longer a fight takes the more reason disappears. The enemy of those fighters isn’t crazy. There are plenty of handbooks for fighting wars, how to win a battle and all the tactics are used. The people? They have no idea, no idea, are not interested, they live in fear and applaud for no matter what side will end this war. No one truly believes being grateful is never enough and you have to be it for generations. Being grateful never stops. You have to be grateful to be born, you have to be grateful your parents raise you, you can visit school and find a job. You have to be grateful if people like you and you can live without fear. If it isn’t because your country is not in war, it’s because there’s an army watching over you, there is a state’s police or neighbourhood watch, there are cameras and dogs or we take out our own gun to defend our home or ourselves and if that gratefulness takes us nowhere we pray to God and say it is his will. We don’t believe it, know we got ourselves into this mess, know we let it happen but if it comes to it if everything goes wrong we blame God for it. It was his will so…

Why bother any longer?

People give up on the world outside if it’s a mess inside. Creating chaos, chaos and confusion is a good start. Confusion is a feeling most people will recognize. Those being raised, drilled, forced to have more empathy than others will recognize that feeling. These are the people who will be easier to use, manipulate, brainwash and pay for whatever money is needed for. Useful Idiots is what leaders need. People who are grateful, empathize and are willing to die for someone else (dying for your own country is no longer hot but a taboo. Shame on you, if you do or…, did).
Useful Idiots do something because they feel grateful, honoured to be asked, because of the power and… the money. With money, every goal can be reached. With the money, you can start your own Dynasty and don’t need to be a fake King or Queen. Royalty today means nothing and is tolerated but will never reign. They worked hard on that in name of Democracy. A democracy that is not real but feels real to the people as long as you let them vote and ignore the rest.

So let the people vote and believe they are in charge. This is a smart move because this means you have your scapegoat if something goes wrong.

Each war, fight about power starts the same and it’s always about using the people.
Step one is about giving them information. You give them something to think about.
Step two is meant to use (or abuse) their feelings. Pity, anger, and jealousy are great triggers. It blindfolds people and if that happens they no longer focus on what is really going on. Who struggles himself rarely sees what goes on for real plus most people do not care about history and politics. Both topics at school are disliked by many and for sure not studied once out of school. School is an institution that leaves no room to grow up as an individual with an opinion of your own. Schools, teachers brainwash students. They tell them how to think, what to think even what to fight for and when to demonstrate. Pupils who refuse receive bad notes and are noted as stubborn and get a remark in their report that says: the child has a very strong will that has to be broken!
Teachers get paid to change the opinion of entire generations. They do their job as long as they are flexible and willing enough. If not they will be replaced by someone younger just like every employer does. Young people, you can modulate and tell how to work how to be. You can’t with a person with self-esteem, knowledge and a strong will. That’s why senior employees need to leave unless they are puppets, someone’s puppets like president Biden for example. He is the perfect tool to help someone else on the saddle. He’s not meant to ride the race and power is important for this man too. A man who was never found good enough, a man who felt like a loser although he tried so hard. His clock ticks, his brains tick too so he had to push forward faster to ‘make the difference’.

They say each nation gets the government it deserves. True or? Did Italy deserve Mussolini? Did Germany deserve Hitler and Merkel? Does France deserve Macron? Does the USA deserve Biden? Do we all worldwide deserve the governments we accepted without fighting for what’s right, we want?
It’s a fact many of us never vote. It is what happens in countries where we are busy fighting our own struggle for life, people are not interested in politics and history, people are too spoiled with all their luxury. It happens in countries where hardly anyone reads books and people are not willing to search for the truth, to demonstrate and climb on those barricades where complaining from the sideline is easier than acting.
How many read ‘Brave New World’ or ‘1984’ or are raised with international literature at all? How many take the time to know their enemy which is very wise advice (keep your enemies close).

Wars come and go

The third world war is announced long ago. But during all those years of peace countries, people kept fighting. North Ireland isn’t free, The Falkland Islands are not, those who are cannot cope with the reality. They have no idea how to reunite the people and break down an entire country instead of learning and copying those they see as their enemy. South Africa is an example of one of those countries in chaos and there are more. Some countries are divided or free but they know it’s hard to survive on their own so in the end, they join the same pact to receive (financial) help. Everything comes with a price. Wealthy people do not pay you out of empathy!
If you want to be independent you need to provide for your own needs under all circumstances. This means you might have to say goodbye to the luxury items and lifestyle you were used to because independence and knocking at doors for help do not go hand in hand. A price has to be paid for this freedom, for not being a slave or Useful Idiot.  Some countries do so because the world doesn’t want them because those few rich cannot reign over them although they try to break them. Still, some of these countries, like Cuba, do an amazingly good job. They decided to swim instead of drowning. If it comes to it this is what we all should do if we cannot live in the world, the society we are put in and/or are rejected or boycotted. If people start believing the fake news about us. A better place can be built only a few steps away or just around the corner if we are aware of ourselves, our needs.

Any idea how much a person needs to stay alive? Ask a homeless man what his basic needs are and you have your answer if you can’t figure it out. Today’s needs are not the same as those in twenty or forty years. Each war, each tornado, flood, volcano outburst, earthquake and pandemic proved they can wipe out plans, futures from one moment to the next. This happens worldwide, everywhere regularly. Sometimes, if nature is involved, it is a short interruption. If humans are involved, the interruption, change and danger will never end. Nature doesn’t care about power only about balance and harmony. People go for being almighty and the big money. Those handfuls who do live on their private Islands and enjoy life at this very right moment while the rest suffers and pays every bill. The minority of people is emotionally and financially tired to see what is going on. They are too stubborn to face the truth and admit they are fooled, trapped, manipulated and used by a handful of people. Powerful people who do not care about humanity and feel no empathy at all.

Wealthy powerful people use those who fight against each other for their own benefit. As long as people fight each other, kill each other their hands are clean. War is money and those who deliver the weapons are in charge just like those who give aid. That these are the same persons people refuse to see. They never wonder, ask who delivered the weapon to the kid that pulls the trigger in a mall or school. Weird enough it is punished in court if simple bank robbers are caught. Simple people are caught and end up in court and next go to prison. They are a danger especially if they are liked or have a voice. Rich bad people never end up in jail. They have puppets to do the job for them, their victims are locked up or killed. That’s why rich black Bill Cosby who drugged and sexually abused many girls get away with it and that’s why Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley got away with their crimes just like Mohammed Ali and with them every rich sick person. Whatever they like to do to humanity no one cares about. They own the judges, pay them and their lawyers are as greedy as any president who took Big Pharma’s and the Cabal’s deal.

The Cabal starts wars, boycotts nations, buys presidents with 600 or 900+ million dollars (the money can easily be printed extra) and keeps clean hands. It is about killing everyone in the way or lock them in forever. Knowledge is power which means bad or no education is the best and wise, intelligent people are dangerous. People start thinking by themselves are dangerous.
Wealthy people, extremely wealthy people who rule everything know their puppets want what they have: money and power even if it’s only for a short time. Elections worldwide are manipulated. It’s not just a European thing although it’s European to buy the lies and fall for fake news. It is European to feel empathy and believe all those made up stories about refugees and such a bad life. Even if we can see it is not true we watch the world through the glasses the schools, governments and media handed us over and refuse to test and trust our own eyes. While the news fills our brains with refugee news and tries to push the empathy button behind the screens, a handful activates the next step of their master plan or someone else’s master plan. A good plan doesn’t come overnight and either do the results. There is a time for everything and that time can be made. If the situation is right the excuse needed to attack is there.
The right situation is what is needed to make people understand and even follow you.

Pandemics make great excuses

Even if people don’t give a damn about their health, they smoke, drink and live on junk food a pandemic scares the death out of them. If fat people are in danger, if elderly fat people and vulnerable are the empathy, you have to feel pity for them, the button is pushed again. Those people take not one but two if not three hospital beds. We make all kinds of excuses why they are the way they are. We give them medical help on our account rather than saying: Start living a healthier life first! Stop smoking, drinking. Stop the excessive eating, get help. Hospital beds are meant for those who did care about themselves first only, those with a healthy lifestyle, those who do not cost the society a lot of money” a system we had a few years ago. For a short time, those who never visited a doctor received money back at the end of the year.

Instead of refusing medical care to those who do not care about a healthy body and mind -if pandemics start in a social modern country- medical help is given to everyone who paid the health insurance even if it’s not the best help. We all know in modern countries the wealthy are the more important people and they go first. They receive the best treatment, best doctors, they will never share a room with 8 or 12 other people and their bed will not be placed in the hallway. Their medical history is secret and they don’t sit or stand naked in a room observed by many strangers. They have privacy. What we know about them is not even 10% of what they know about us.

Today’s pandemic is unique.

It’s true humankind faced many pandemics before in its history but this is the first a pandemic was announced not based on mortality rates! The WHO lied and changed the rules. Who owns the WHO is clear. Who truly believes this organization cares about health is stupid (according to my child’s teacher a stupid person has no right to live). The WHO keeps changing facts, numbers and although there is a small chance they lose the case, they will be sued. Announcing a fake pandemic is a crime and that is what the WHO did.

Of course, there are more criminals. Big Pharma is the one. Just like the WHO they don’t care about health they care about money! Only stupid people believe they care about health. Only stupid people believe you cannot get addicted to these drugs. Only stupid people believe side-effects don’t matter and are normal and you have to accept 11 side-effects to feel better.  Only stupid people believe the production of medication and vaccines do not harm the environment. Big Pharma doesn’t want you to feel better they want you to bad and consume their products. They want you to be an addict and they want you to take more. More to fight the side-effects of the side-effects, more to make them feel better by filling their bank accounts in Switzerland and property all over the world.

Like Big Pharma doctors earn extra, they receive fat bonuses if they prescribe you certain brands of medication. Many doctors do not care about your health. They care about money, money and power. They sell their souls to the highest bidder. They lie on television, in the papers, help to spread the news it’s all true. They do it for the money and a part does it out of fear. The fear to be out of money or someone might let them disappear. Family doctors, specialists, scientists go for the money. They don’t care about a nation’s health only their own.

This pandemic is different.

It’s the first time in history 99% of the population -all healthy people- is locked up in name of a virus. A virus which mortality is 0.2%. It’s the first time governments agree to act in exactly the same way and even the opposition keeps their mouth shut. The same steps are taken: give information (think), manipulate/use empathy, hope, fear (feelings) and spread FOMO (feeling of missing out). It’s not different from how commercials work and how governments with selfish presidents without conscience who go for the big money, work.

The pandemic is a window of opportunities for sure. That is what makes this pandemic so unique. Tech makes it possible, makes everything possible from cheating during elections and with test results to spreading fake news and numbers of people who died of Covid-19 within a few minutes.

Pfizer one of the most sued companies knows how it works. In ten years, no one will complain. At least not those who are still alive and finally understand they lived in a lie, a hoax and were part of the experiment of the century. They will be aware they let themselves be fooled by the news spread just like they did with 9/11. News that is all made up by Reuters and we know who owns that.

Will we feel embarrassed about ourselves if we think back at how we scolded and threatened even hunted for those who didn’t fall for it? Will we commit suicide like Judas because we are cowards and refused to face the truth and wanted others to fight for our freedom? Will we die out of shame because we called an anonymous hotline to tell the officials our neighbours and friends don’t stick to the rules because and did it because we took that jab and were not strong enough to say no?

Source: pixabay.com

Pfizer doesn’t care. It’s written in the contract governments signed. You cannot blame them, keep them responsible, not sue them, curing patients is not allowed, no matter what payments have to be paid and the contract… it can not be showed to the public for the next ten years. Vaccines are tested for 7 years… next the reports are made… In 10 years you can read the truth. Not the truth that the book will most likely never be printed. Reading is not hot. We pick up some headlines, phrases and memes. We do not read, we do not buy books, we do not care about written knowledge.
Three years of experiments. Experiments that changed and increased. The experimental gene therapy called vaccine was allowed because of the special circumstances and only for people of 18+ years old!

We all know there are no special circumstances. The pandemic is planned, Moderna tested a vaccine before this pandemic was announced.
If it comes to age and pregnancies the rules changed. It’s not about the elderly, it’s not about the vulnerable. Each age should be vaccinated! As many people out of each age-group or generation. We have 4.5 million elderly (70+) vaccinated. 4.5 million are seventy years or older and our population is 17 million. Even if there are 18 million this means there are too many elderly but it also means we have an overpopulation. In the age of high tech is no room for so many people, there are no jobs, there will be no new jobs. A basic income for so many is not realistic but depopulation is. The pandemic is a great excuse. If this bioweapon doesn’t kill you, the next jabs will or you can kill yourself. Everyone will understand you did it because of the pandemic stress, the lockdowns, the depressions. The Dion pill is no longer an issue. Suicides are permitted. The UK asked for quotes of millions of funerals and for sure they are not the only country. Depopulation is a fact. Humankind is the virus and 75% has to die. What is left shouldn’t breed on like rabbits so you know what that means.

You do not help or save anyone if you get vaccinated. You are a genuine pig, a ticking time bomb. You are a danger to society. There’s a reason why animals who take part in tests live in labs and are not living on the streets or outside in the wild. There is a reason why many are killed after the testing is finished. They are dangerous!

This is what makes this pandemic unique too. We do not isolate those who are sick and dangerous but everyone else. It’s said it’s to keep us safe but power doesn’t care about rescuing nations. Power cares about showing what it is capable of with money and pressure and if that doesn’t work fear and killing does the trick.
By now not 3 but 5 presidents who refused to force their people into vaccination, who like to see results and prove first and an overview of the side-effects including the numbers of death first, presidents who have strong doubts about the pandemic, died under suspicious circumstances. Locked into our fear and depression we don’t notice it and refuse to see what is going on.

What is it that makes the present pandemic so unique?
The fast way lies are spread? The fast way fear can be spread around the world? The fact we depend on our daily drugs and homoeopathy is labelled as quackery, pagan, witchcraft and bullshit? The fact we lost connection with and faith in nature, our worse the trust in our own body and immune system? Or is it the fact we are addicts in every way? Addicted to drugs, addicted to the latest news and above all addicted to high tech a life online. An online we put our faith in, trust our money and personal information to but that can be gone with one press on a button.

The pandemic is a window of opportunities indeed but not only for the wealthy ones. Be aware, prepare and be independent. After each pandemic, the biggest part of the population survived. Take your chance and build your paradise and do not bet on the Big Pharma horse race. They won’t come to your rescue. Either will Democracy, Bill Gates, Soros, the lefties, any globalists, fighters for equality, the rich & famous or Justice. They are all dead horses, puppets used willing to kill you.
There’s no back to normal, this pandemic will not end because it is fake and there for a reason. If that reason is gone 75% of us needs to be gone and if not the next pandemic will start. The ‘cyber pandemic‘ they call it. Conspiracy or too stupid to read, listen and see what is going on? Those presidents, ministers, rich ones mentioned it, warned, told and tell what will happen, what is planned. Not because they know you will listen and act but to clear their conscience. They know the minority of us is stupid and you know what that teacher said: Who is so stupid doesn’t deserve to live. Let’s see if that teacher is right and who is left after the Great Reset, a reset that didn’t start with a fake pandemic but generations ago.

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Dare to speak the truth!

Days pass by and worldwide it’s the same. Promises and after the promises are given people buy it, go for the jab because of that promise and next we all are back where we started, even worse. They, the government changes the rules. Not only once but every time.

“Here the people are confused”, my friend says, “not scared but confused”.

First, we did it to save the elderly, today it’s done because of? Not to save anyone, not to keep yourself safe… a part does it out of fear. FOMO. Nothing so bad as being banned out of society, being ignored, not being able to go to the pub, cinema, the musea.
Not that it bothers me I never visit a pub, don’t go to the cinema and the museum is history for me. I have had my share of culture after all I am an artist, a poor bastard creating own art. Why visiting a museum and look at what I have already seen or is showed in the books I have? Besides Modern art is hardly art to me. What Barba Bob paints looks better plus there are children more artistic. My children for example which means I am surrounded by art. They are painting on t-shirts, modelling, photographing, animating, giving lessons to children at boarding schools.

The birthday wish of a grandchild to visit granny won’t come true. Instead, it’s a Pokémon puzzle and some money transferred within a minute to increase the fun and positive vibes. This is all next to the financial gift I save each birthday. It might not be much but something is still better than nothing although I have doubts about the combination of money x future. Most likely the collectors are the survivors, not those who love and preach a minimalistic lifestyle. If you need food you need to grow it yourself and hope you can harvest (and won’t be robbed) or you have to give something in exchange, something that is needed and no longer produced.

The future will be full of outlaws. People trying to survive in the wild, hiding or locked in prison. Corrupt and gangs will increase unless many die long before and what is left are the slaves controlled by one power. What works for China will work with the rest of the world too.
The addiction to a cellphone, social media, to be noticed, be online is a fact. It’s the only place where the rejected, ignored and disliked people, creative minds, nerds, who loves to be noticed make friends and will be accepted, seen. In real life, the world outside is no longer popular and if so only if a lockdown takes too long. Suddenly a walk in the park is special. Restrictions by the way which of course do not count for certain people, those who arranged it all.

It never became clear to me what happened before ‘Star Trek’, ‘Planet of the Apes’ or ‘Star Wars’ but the world we are heading towards is a combination of all those SF we’ve been watching, even like. Games, chips, barcodes, QR codes included, just like knowing your location and therefore being registered. It’s a world without children where slavery, fighting those with an opinion of their own, killing presidents, doctors, common people and those in need is included.
‘The Hunger games’ started and most likely the battle in ‘Real Humans’ will never be fought. ‘Brave new world’ and ‘1984’ will end like the series ‘V’ because we are no ‘Highlander’.

I wonder about those 1500 doctors who claim they question this vaccine also famous for its gen-therapy. How many of them are really willing to fight against what’s going on. It’s easy to say you can not live with it because of your oath not to harm people but these are just words. Words not spoken which means they are thoughts. Joining the club of rebellious doctors is a way to tell your conscience you subscribed to a group of fighters, protested which means you are a good person.
Are doctors, academics that blind, such cowards, so scared? Yes, they are. I believe they can be bought because that is what big Pharma already does for years. They give fat bonuses to doctors and vets who prescribe their medication!
Money is what we all need but money and protection are what the mob gives to only a few.

Doctors… I wrote about them before. Their offices are closed, were closed and many patients died. Their diagnosis is not made or wrong. It’s been a trend for years. We know most accidents always happen at home not on the motorway. By now, even more, people wait to be operated on. They wait for months so it’s questionable if the need is still there.
The hospitals are empty, the ICU’s are empty. More empty than before the pandemic was announced.

No one, no country in Europe, permitted doctors to diagnose and cure. There was no education, no force to make fat people lose weight to pull them out of that danger zone. In the USA there was a city rewarding those who went for an experimental vaccine with a burger and french fries!
Our minister grabbed his chance and introduced “Dansen with Jansen” (dancing with Johnson vaccine). The young ones, those who are our future and called to be more intelligent than their ancestors fell for this trick. Many went for that jab and immediately went to the discotheque. The minister of Health smirked. After the weekend he had a great reason to close down everything. Mr Hugo de Jonge even admitted it was the only way to make this group go for that shot otherwise they would have never taken it.
If you ask me this generation isn’t smart at all. They are easy to buy with empty promises. Those who didn’t go out but planned their vacation can forget about it. Stupid kids! These are my words. You always sat inside gaming, you grew up with computers, you had access to every piece of info how come you didn’t see this one come? Everyone knows a vaccine will not make you immune, you can still spread the disease (the PCR test does not test that) and above all we know politicians lie they want the power!

The next group invited are the single ones. Again the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is used because better one shot as taking the risk those people won’t come back for the second one which a part doesn’t for different reasons. Even if they drop dead it doesn’t matter. At least that person had the shot.
The GGD (Regional Healthcare Department) invites singles to join their “Sjansen met Jansen” (Flirting with Johnson vaccine). At a romantic place (candlelight included) you have your jab and during those 15 minutes, you wait after being treated, you have your blind date. I wonder how many fall for that. You make a list with questions and talk fast if you like to know someone or hand over a letter with name, address and phone number. If the person jabbed after you is a loser or there is no click you have nothing (not that you have if you drop dead right at the spot).
If it comes to those 15 minutes that might be great if you are speed dating and can meet different people but what if not? And what will they jab into you with candlelight? No one will tell you that and we know we are all genuine pigs. We do not get the same jab they are even mixed by now. But hey who cares? Imagine there is a click? A ‘dating bureau’ asks for all your personal info to make that happen? It would be disappointing if after those 15 minutes (your 15 minutes) are up you have to leave and won’t meet again.
Side effects… they start later. If you feel ill, have a high fever this means you have to stay at home. Home alone.

You’ll see after this successful jabbing act there will be a very good reason again to continue the lockdown and that plan made many years ago.
No, of course, we are not like China but they love to be, beat China. We do not say having children is no longer allowed. We say black lives matter! We say: Thank god I had the shot if we end up in the hospital right after or weeks later with a heart infarct. We truly believe these stories because we are raised to believe them. We truly believe our doctor cares about us, the government and health insurance companies do because we pay. We close our eyes and keep on dreaming, no longer see the difference between dreaming and reality. If that happens to you you have a lot in common with Parkinson disease patients! With them the centre of the reason is disturbed, the black area (black box) is slowly vanishing. The college I followed about Parkinson disease was quite interesting. Also, the fact we all will have it if we get old enough (under normal circumstances the age of 100-110). More interesting is this disease is increasing and this doctor his youngest patient is 13 years old. If you know what happens with that black box, how it infects behaviour, daily life in every way, how the medication works (or fails) it does have a lot in common with what those mRNA and other jabs do in your body.  It infects your brains, intestines, ovaries, futures, hearts, lungs, unborn and born children. A biotech weapon to erase what is no longer needed, what is too much which is you.

No matter if you go for the dancing or flirting or eating out which reason you pick it won’t help you! ‘Freedom Day’ was what it is… just a day. Vaccinated or not you are still a danger because you are the virus which is a very good reason to wipe you out. In this new world, we all are criminals and will be treated like that. At first, people scolded the first person who was discovered with the new coronavirus. Next, the Chinese were blamed. After that the travellers, those who went out, the young ones followed by everyone not being vaccinated and today we are all criminals! Called criminals by those who committed the biggest crime in human history.
We will be controlled because we, the people, can not be trusted. If you get yourself jabbed out of fear you can not be trusted. We all know a dog that acts out of fear can not be trusted. Those who tricked you, spread the fear know you are a danger to their new world. They will eliminate you but preferably you kill yourself first.

That democracy you talk about? It doesn’t exist! It only exists in your head, because they mention the word. Twice I wrote an organization that fights for it but no answer. No opposition party in politics disagrees. If you like to know where the money flows now you know. If you like to know why presidents are sent away or killed this is your answer. Psychotic tricks, brainwashing is used for generations to make you think the way you are. The only way to stop this is to stop reading the usual papers and watching the usual news and joining the well known social media like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Google, Whatsapp. They read you, know you and will kick you out. It’s already announced that if your account is blocked at A you should automatically be blocked at B, C and D too!

Just to make this clear. Even if the coronavirus is over (mutations included), even if 100% is jabbed we will not go back to normal.
If you had your anti corona “vaccine” you are not safe. You still can get ill, you still can infect others if you are not ill. Those vaccinated are the super spreaders.

The coronavirus is all about aerosols, ventilating, a very small chance you get sick!

Vaccines are never without risks never protect 100%. The flu vaccine is only effective for 1-6%! Yes, you read this well. Other vaccines for 40%. Still, they are given and there are flare-ups of diseases.

Your immune system, especially with young people (<70 years with us) is strong. It’s strong enough to survive attacks of all types of viruses, bacillus, bacteria and so on. We are stronger than we think especially if we watch what we eat, sleep enough and are not overweight.
Most countries lied about the numbers of people who died of Covid-19 only. They say 17k and it turns out to be 158.

They do not check and count those being sick, not those who spread it but who has the virus.
Being positive if it comes to this virus does not mean you get sick. Most people (98+%) will not even notice it and never end up in hospital.

Governments, specialists, doctors worldwide lie and cheat and so does the WHO. They want to make this pandemic last forever or till we all do like told. Till those left are turned into grateful slaves. Grateful to go outside, grateful to be allowed to travel, grateful to meet or hug someone. If I look around me many already are. They are grateful for what is normally a right. They applaud for an hour outside or a day without a face mask. Some governments even want you to wear it inside your own home!

If you like to know what is going on you can still find it, read it yourself. Indeed this is scary to face the real world, to find out no one cares about pollution or a healthy nation but it’s possible to fight this, to do something back if you stop praying and hoping for a better life. How your life will be is in your own hands. You can still choose what you want for yourself, who you want to be.

Today my head is filled with information and just like many, it’s up to me how to go on. To figure out if I like a life like this if there is a future at all. I know many like me do not care about going out and I know governments know that too. So after pleasure, they take away everything else precious to you. Your job, your children, your education, your food, your life.
Eternal life, being immortal is a Rockefeller and Bill Gates thing not meant for normal people like me. “Who wants to live forever?” Not me.

July 21, 2021
In the Netherlands, you can contact ‘Lareb‘ if you have side effects caused by the new vaccinations. That will be hard if you are ill or die or already dead. There is a small chance a doctor will report it and if report what really happened. Doctors will never admit it was the experiment that killed. The chance they will investigate why someone died is even smaller. Most likely because of being overweighted, old, a drinker, having diabetes, being depressed, debts, being dehydrated, crazy, falling down the stairs, other medication or it was a natural death. The experimental vaccine didn’t cause it

AstraZeneca is no longer used we give it away to countries in need (sounds hypocritical to me).
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) is still used. They said, “only if people explicitly ask for it“. Today they announced the second jab is a must. Again we are tricked.
We already know Pfizer wants a third shot (more cash bigger chance to clean up the virus named ‘human being’) and for sure the governments follow this nonsense advice and love the idea with it they kill others their natural immune system (their jab is not what we get). Once a puppet always a puppet.
Lareb and the EMA state they will investigate why so many people die after being vaccinated. Most likely this investigation will never take place because the only thing they want is you to get that shot! Besides no one knows what people are jabbed with today. My guess they are the controlgroup for this experiment which will continue till at least the end of 2023.

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The fight against a painful bladder

A bladder infection is not as harmless as some people want us to believe. If you are suffering from it, have chronic infections it’s hard to function in a normal way, to work, keeping a smile on your face, act normal and have a good night rest.

Pain is no fun and this type of pain eats you. The infection will cause fever and it feels as if someone hits you on your bladder every few minutes or seconds. There are painful cramps and it feels as if you need to pee every few minutes which means you spend a lot of time on the toilet for a few painful drops.

Not everyone suffers as much. To some it’s just painful, others feel a twinge of pain and pee blood and have a high fever within twenty minutes.
Advises given to cure a bladder infection are drinking a lot and using high doses of vitamin C, avoid sugar and wiping off your bottom from the front to the back. Drinking a lot means more toilet visits which means even more pain.
The idea behind it is to pee out bacteria. High doses of vitamin C are meant to change the urine. The body cannot store vitamin C and bacteria have a hard time in an acidic environment. This trick could help although today doctors/scientists say it’s pointless just like avoiding sugar. Avoiding sugar is another way to stop bacteria from growing, it means a change of the urine.The meaning of wiping your bottom in the right way is to prevent the risk of more bacteria causing an infection.

Worldwide many, mainly females, suffer from bladder infections.
In most cases, they do not suffer from it because they don’t drink enough or don’t know how to wipe off their underside. It is caused by sex, rape, giving birth, operations, been cut in the vagina, et cetera. And… a bladder infection is a sexual disease! This is a fact. This also means it is pointless to take antibiotics if the partner doesn’t take them. Rough sex, just like giving birth will damage the tissue and gives room to bacteria, infections. The more frequently it happens the more harm it will bring and the harder it is to cure the infection and kill the pain.

Sad is there’s nothing that can cure it in long term (forever) if you do belong to the group of chronic patients. You might have better days but the infection can start from one moment to the next, without any warning. Already change of the weather, sitting outside in the sun is good to trigger it. A chronic patient should always be aware of the fact the infection comes back in most cases after sex. The bladder is the weak spot and should not be ignored. With some luck, the new attack can be killed without antibiotics, with bad luck you need to take them for months and still are in pain. Important in this case is you always have a dose at hand to act immediately.

Neglected bladder infections are dangerous.
Not only the bladder can shrink but your kidneys can be infected. An infection during the pregnancy can harm the unborn and should be taken seriously as well.

“Interstitial cystitis (IC), often called painful bladder syndrome, is a tricky condition. It’s tough to diagnose, and though treatments can make life with it better, there’s no cure.”

Although it’s advised to go to the toilet to pee the bacteria out this is not what one suffering from a painful bladder syndrome should do. The bladder would only shrink faster (after each infection scarves are left).
The difference between a bladder infection and the syndrome is the syndrome doesn’t start with an infection but… It’s not said it cannot change into one and that’s one of the tricky parts.

How to fight a bladder infection or this painful syndrome if antibiotics don’t help?
It’s hard to advice one cure that helps since each body is different and so is the lifestyle, autoimmune system and food intake. Live a scheduled life, avoid stress, coffee, alcohol and don’t smoke. Eat as healthy as possible and try to sleep enough (8-10 hours). Drink enough and don’t use toilet paper but water. You can sit in a tub with (washing) soda 1-3 times a day. If you suffer from obstipation fight it. Avoid cold and don’t wear trousers, tight clothes. Fight the pain with painkillers or better a hot water bag or a warm bath or bed. Cantharis D6 (Spanish fly) do you good if you do not like antibiotics first or they won’t help.

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Hoera Corona(virus)!

Het Coronavirus.

Het kwam op het juiste moment niet alleen voor vele regeringen maar ook voor mij. Van het ene op het andere moment zijn vrijwel alle
problemen opgelost. Niemand protesteert, demonstreert, staakt.

Brexit, open of gesloten grenzen is geen onderwerp van gesprek meer en de gedwongen zoektocht naar een baan met bijbehorende stress en afwijzingen met dreiging intrekken van uitkering is afgelopen.De boerka is geen onderwerp van gesprek meer en geen hand geven is niet langer onbeschoft.De hangjongeren en problematiek van straatbendes is opgelost, net als het leraren tekort en de overspannen huisarts.Eindelijk kunnen we ongestrafd thuisblijven. Er hoeft niet meer gespijbeld te worden of een smoes verzonnen te worden om niet naar het werk te gaan.Ongemerkt wordt het onderwijs versimpeld en thuisscholing ingevoerd. Examens zijn niet meer van toepassing, wie niet zelfstaandig leren kan of ouders heeft die niets kunnen uitleggen groeit om als de toekomstige arbeider, de handarbeiders die wij dringend nodig hebben.Het probleem met de luchtvervuiling buiten wordt opgelost een goed bewijs om straks de bevolking mee om de oren te slaan (zie je wel het ligt niet aan het bevolkingsoverschot). Wel jammer dat de luchtvervuiling binnenshuis vele malen toeneemt en deze was al hoger dan buiten maar dat wordt niet gemeten dus kan genegeerd worden.De economische crisis waaronder al zo’n 15 jaar geleden wordt en geen oplossing voor is gaat nu eindelijk opgelost worden net als het bevolkingsoverschot en het probleem met betrekking tot de Dion pil.Het overschot aan (landbouw) bedrijven neemt af, net als de noodzaak van menselijk contact. We houden afstand en spreken elkaar wel online.We worden allemaal vegan want de varkens- en vogelpest en het Coronavirus doen de dieren de das om.Eindelijk is het zover en komt het online leven in de lift en wordt het normaal gevonden dat je je leven achter een schermpje slijt. Je bent niet langer een buitenbeentje als binnenvetter, a-sociaal, autist of wanneer je een straatfobie hebt. De chipknip heeft het nooit gered maar contactloos betalen wordt het nu helemaal.Er is eindelijk meer blauw op straat alleen al omdat er niemand op straat is. Hoewel… bij ons staan de ouderen gewoon gezellig tegenover elkaar te keuvelen. Zij zijn niet zo schrikachtig. Tenslotte heeft de media hen jarenlang als opvreters afgeschilderd en “hebben zij de oorlog meegemaakt en moeten zij niet zo zeuren”, aldus de directie van een Belgisch verzorgingstehuis. Bij ons in het dorp wordt dan ook niet gezeurd maar genoten.Eindelijk me-time, massaal ontstressen, burnouts bestrijden en tijd voor het eigen gezin. Zelf je kinderen iets leren en weer opvoeden, je huisdier verzorgen, je huis aan kant en weer asndacht voor (persoonlijke) hygiëne.

Er zijn zo veel voordelen aan het Coronavirus we mogen ons wel gelukkig prijzen dat er bij dit virus massaal, wereldwijd besloten is om koppen te tellen.

Eindelijk kan ik rustig en vrij over straat lopen.Niemand raakt mij aan of loopt mij onder de voet. Zodra ik er aan kom doet men een paar stappen opzij of achteruit.Eindelijk kan ik op mijn dooie gemak winkelen en over straat slenteren.Niemand dringt meer voor en ik kan rustig al mijn boodschappen neerleggen en inpakken.De straten zijn een stuk leger en schoner.Geen hangjongeren en nep daklozen die aan je zitten, je uitschelden,bedelen om geld voor de villa in Roemenië.De hoeveelheid afval op straat is flink afgenomen.Minder autorijden.Wat een geluk dat mijn kinderen niet meer naar school hoeven. Sinds er een naar de middelbare school gaat red ik het niet meer met 1 tank per maand. Ik bespaar mij nu de kosten van tanken en mijn auto slijt minder snel.Geen school.Heerlijk wij hoeven niet meer om 4 uur uit bed. We kunnen drie uur langer slapen.Ik bespaar mij de kosten voor een busabonnement en al die extra kosten voor verplichte schooluitjes en schoolevenementen waar mijn kinderen niets aan vinden en leerkrachten mij steeds me bedreigen.Ik bespaar mij de kosten voor extra eten voor op school en onderweg.Ik bespaar mij de kosten van beltegoed voor mij en de kinderen.Het is het laatste jaar voor mijn jongste. De toelatingstest voor de volgende school is al in februari gedaan en de behoefte aan een afscheid van de klas en school is er niet. Een bijzonder saai en langdradig afscheid wordt ons bespaard net als de aanschaf van nette kleding en nieuwe schoenen.Geen stressIk hoef nergens meer verplicht op te komen draven.Ons eigen bioritme gaat het langzaam maar zeker weer overnemen.ContactOnvoorstelbaar maar waar maar ik spreek sinds de sluiting van de scholen meer mensen per dag dan voorheen in een maand (ik bedoel jaar). Iedereen heeft ineens meer tijd/behoefte om bij te praten.Lijdt ik onder het Coronavirus?Nee. Ik leef afgelegen, ver van de medemens en mijn enige directe contact met mensen zijn mijn kinderen, is via mijn kinderen of de supermarkt. Mijn kinderen blijven nu thuis en de komende weken komen wij niet meer in de bewoonde wereld/tussen de mensen. Mijn voorraad is groot genoeg om het ca twee maanden uit te zingen bij 1-2 maaltijden per dag.De groepspraktijk van huisartsen is gesloten en doet alleen nog telefoondienst. In drie maanden tijd is het mij niet gelukt hen te spreken, zelfs niet om online een afspraak te maken. Ik heb niet de illusie dat de dokter bereikbaar is mochten wij ziek worden. Ik heb een pillenvoorraad en hoef niet naar de drogist of apotheek.Ik ga mij minstens 100 euro per maand besparen en dat is voor mij een flink bedrag.De sfeer thuis is er alleen maar op vooruit gegaan. Minder stress, minder lange, vermoeiende, en voor mijn kinderen vaak ook saaie schooldagen. Ook de herrie van gillende klasgenoten en de daarmee gepaarde ergernissen wordt hen bespaard.#YoorsCoronaPositiveChallenge #kittywu #coronaviris2020 #coronavirus #covid19