To a deaf man’s ears

More and more people leave social media. Good folk, decent, helpful and intelligent people. Specialists, noble prize winners, doctors, those with brains so to say. I can’t blame them, understand why they say they had it with the mass. That mass who doesn’t want to be educated and hates everyone who did finished school and studied.
They gave their best, tried to explain, answered questions but feel it was talking against a deaf man’s ears. True if you are famous, step out in the open, speak up you expect with being seen, questioned and unfortunately, you will be scolded at too. It’s all part of being noticed, known and… being the perfect scapegoat. The mass needs someone to blame. Imagine what social media will look like if all with brains, ideas left.

I admire each person who ignores, stays polite, remains friendly, sends a hug, keeps spreading love and sends blessings. I don’t know if these are just empty words. Can be at the inside they are furious, ready to kill those not able to debate. People whose main goal is to break a scientist, an intelligent person instead of discussing the topic.

Each time I read a post written by a, to my opinion, aggressive person I browse through the responses given. I seldom feel the need to reply. The comments intrigue me and indeed make me wonder how so many can stay polite or even see the funny in what’s said. It must be great to be able to laugh out loud about what some say. To see the humour in nonsense truly believed. How can one send love to a person who writes: I pray you all will be dead within the hour ‘I hope you die a horrible and painful death’?
It beats me. What makes one react in such an extreme way? What goes on in the brain of a human filled with so much hate? Is this what fear does to a person or is it anger and frustration?

What makes one think God is willing to solve a personal problem of a single person by killing thousands who don’t agree with the angry man? How is it possible those who are deaf to others’ opinions, arguments and all sorts of proof still talk about freedom?
It feels as if the definition of freedom is changed since big mouths, scared people and tyrants rule. Does it? Of course not. A tyrant is a dictator, a dictator a narcissist and a narcissist has a different view on life, reality and the truth than the average man. It always has been this way. The only thing that changed is the situation people live in. Many never dealt with a narcissist. Those who do know how sneaky they are, what a huge manipulator a narcissist is. Even if you share a roof with one, know the tricks, it’s still hard to avoid the trap set up.

In a modern world, a normal world we tend to believe dictators do not exist. We find it hard to believe our prime minister tends to kill us, our children after all we pay the man, voted for him and live in a democracy. If we feel there’s something wrong at all ignoring reality is the best strategy.  This way we calm down our conscious and fight the fear inside. The fear to lose everything we worked hard for, our possessions, status, job and with them our norms, values, home and identity. Being a loser, useless to our government is the worst that can happen.

Is bad behaviour a cry for help? Is the present aggression shown by so many people the result of fear or the restrictions not taken seriously by everyone in society?
We know anxiety narrows the mind but not everyone with a narrow mind suffers from excessive fear not even when they are exaggerating.
It’s easy to blame the personal situation, the crisis, the health system, truckers, or our mental state but if not everyone responds aggressively only our character, the way we are raised or medication can be blamed.
Hate-spreaders, big mouths love to blame others for their misfortune but these people have never been the ones who lived by the rules. They love to live on the edge, to bully and ignore every law and rule which isn’t much different from those who claim they are driven by fear, the devil made them do it or the unjabbed person.
Fear is used as an excuse to act differently. To act violent, to blame the government, employer. In reality, it’s about admitting the wrong decision is made. The good thing is wrong decisions can be made undone. There’s no need to scold or harm others. If you are right all problems will solve themselves. God isn’t needed for that.
It is hard to live in fear 24/7, to let anxiety rule you and to feel as if you lose your mind. It’s imaginable it makes some mad to see how strong people have what they lack which is courage.

Fear makes one act differently but it isn’t fear if you attack your neighbours, strangers on the street, your family, friends and the doctor who treated you for many years because in your opinion each one of them is wrong and their personal opinion freaks you out.

The truth? What exactly is the truth? The fact people too easily change their opinion?

“First they shout at birthdays each politician lies and can’t be trusted. As soon there’s a crisis they have a panic attack and cry for help. At that moment the corrupt government needs to save them just to make that scared, big mouth feel better,” Robert Jensen said in his podcast. He made me think just like the comments I read. Although, I don’t agree with every word Jensen says it’s worth thinking about. To me, there’s no need to agree with someone to listen to what he has to say. If all folks agree with each other there’s no input, nothing to consider, to figure out, think, read or write about.

The human mind is a mystery and it might be the reason why big brother wants to check us out and big tech wants to change the human brain into AI. If monkeys have a higher IQ than the average man and learn faster humankind is in danger and no longer needed.

Like the ‘Party against the citizen’ (Partij tegen de Burger) a parody on the government states: We do not need more people especially not intelligent wants. We’ll fight the next generation to have a better future than we have.”