The three pigs – A pig tale

“Off you go”, she said
holding the door wide open right after the three came out of bed.
It was high time to stand on own feet
enough was enough.
“Can I have breakfast first”, Fatso peeked at the dough.
It was not a bread yet but he could wait like he usually did.
He wasn’t the type to rush into something new and tried to sit
down but he hadn’t counted with his mother’s firm paw
she kicked his ass and outside he landed with a huge bow
in front of the gate.
“We better leave mate.”
His brothers weren’t that stupid and did understand
there was no room left and on the other hand
it was great to finally see the world,
build a life without any adult
telling them how or what needs to be done.
The world looked great and even the sun shone.

They walked together and followed the path
while searching for food and gathering what
looked handy to build a home of their own.

Fatso is not the fittest of those three
’cause his main problem is he’s as lazy as one can be.
After a walk of only two times a quarter, his motivation was extremely low.
He announced he wouldn’t set a single step instead make himself a hut out of straw.
There was plenty of it,
way more than he needed.
His siblings frowned but it was fine with them.
There’s no need to argue about what’s good or bad,
since none of them was familiar with life’s issues, mom had always handled that.

After a walk of two times an hour, perhaps a bit further,
the second brother said he could commit a murder
for a place of his own including a mud pool.
He would start working on it right away since the weather was nice and it was a perfect day.
“This spot is great and I can’t wait to enjoy my own home.”
As he turned around to look at his brother the eldest was gone.

“I would love to be a nomad”, Senior thought I don’t care about wandering alone
but still, I could build a place of my own.
Just for those days, I might like to rest,
want to relax, or will have a guest.
He truly loved the familiar scenery
but with different folk was he wanted to be.
That’s why he followed a new route.
Life was great, adventure ahead, he felt so good.
Strong enough to climb a mountain but why not start with a hill?
“You can’t have everything but what counts is the will
to succeed”, he snorted pleasantly
“Let’s see…”
A cottage out of stone arose.
Although it wasn’t his first choice,
it was good enough to build him a home.
A place in case of need which he could call his own.
“Something like this I could never build in a day,
not even a week. I can honestly say
the one who made it did a great job.”
Since a nap at times doesn’t harm a hog
he decided to enter after he did easily unlock
the door. “Home sweet home”
he grunted but… he wasn’t alone.

The shack’s owner wasn’t content with the intruder who locked him out.
He jumped high, climbed on the roof since he was very proud
of the cosy hut, he built over time.
“Let me in”, he roared, ” this cottage is mine.
You thief!
I assure you if you don’t leave…”

“Get away you loser” the swine groaned through the chimney as he noticed the shaggy dog alike tail,
“or I set you at fire!” it snorted while continuing drinking the ale
it had bumped into after being disturbed while he tried to shuteye,
because someone tried to break into his place and that was why
he had a really bad mood!
“I’m hungry. Let’s search for some food.”

The chimney was empty but on top of the roof sat
not a shaggy dog but a wolf who just had
the most unwelcome surprise of his life,
right after he had lost his dear wife.
That cabin? It meant the world to him.
For sure that intruder wouldn’t stay forever inside,
he would guard his place the entire night
and if needed the next days and twilights as well.
He knew he could easily swell
and blow the whole place away,
but no way
he would do that.
It was all that he had.
As he heard the drunk boar fell and snore
he jumped off the roof, hid around the corner, and watched the front door.

It didn’t take long or a pig appeared
out of nowhere. The lonely wolf feared
this one wouldn’t make it easier to get
his beloved home back and instead
of blowing his cottage away
he did so with the pig at the start of the day
right before he could knock on the door
and wake up drunk Senior snoring on the floor.

“One swine less to worry about”,
the wolf gaped and stretched himself out.
He was patient, had plenty of time.
“No matter how long it takes, I will get back what is legally mine.”
He smiled as he thought of his dear wife.
Why did she change already the present for the next life?

At the time the sun left the horizon,
the wolf still waited and watched his spot,
while the pig inside was convinced he did not
do something wrong or brought harm
to anyone. He thought back at his life at the farm
where his mother always took care.
She never told him to beware
of someone else’s property.
Which was the main reason why he took so eagerly
what didn’t belong to him and
he was rude and even scolded to vent
his frustration about the commotion.
The brainless pig reached for more alcohol, the potion
was still in his blood although his banging head,
nearly drove him crazy which should be a clear warning said.
He couldn’t help, resist it, longed for more but
the bottles were empty and he didn’t have the gut’
to go outside ’cause he hardly could walk
in a straight line.
“I really could use some more beer or… wine.”
Who could he ask for help in case of such an emergency?
Who on earth could that be?
He thought long and hard but without any other outcome
as to leave the place he adopted as his newfound home.
“Later I will go, for sure I will
I just need to lay down a bit longer since my head is still
banging and the steps I take are shaky…”

“Wakey, wakey!”
It was Fatso who intended to knock at the door.
Not that he liked to socialize,
it was more he had a huge appetite and he thought it would be wise
to search for Senior who always knew a way
to find good food and most likely was the one who would ask him to stay overnight.

who’s that boar?
How many more
evil pigs stroll around?
No one in this family
is raised properly?
“Porky this is my ground!
Take your fat paw
away from my gate.
Ever heard of the law?
Be wise.
I don’t warn twice!”
Fatso looks up at the guy.
He was huge. He couldn’t remember why
he had set foot on this ground in the first place.
Was it fear that had erased
his memory and his hunger for food?
“I’m sorry sir my intentions were…”
He didn’t know what he should say.
It had been an exciting and exhausting day.
“I thought, I tried…”
he stuttered looked at all the fur
“… I’m hungry, it’s late, you have any food inside?”

The wolf thought long and deep.
“Pork isn’t sheep”,
was what his wife always said.
She even told him that
pigs are not picky, eat everything.

“You can open the door, there’s no need to ring.
There’s a large piece of meat waiting for you
but only if you can eat and do
it in silence and leave once you’re done.”

“I promise you, sir, I’ll be gone
as soon as I finished my meal.”

“Alright, it’s a deal.”

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