Danser encore in 2021

Looking back 2021 wasn’t bad.
Why not? I mainly forgot what happened back then, from the beginning of the ‘old’ year till the end. My memory is short it prefers to forget what is bad, why it went wrong, the role I played.

January’s 2021 lockdown, the cold no longer hurt me today. I survived, lived my life and did it my way.

February’s pain and struggles are past. Not one single member of my family, friend, acquaintance, neighbour or villager lost life by a virus ’cause the epidemic stopped in May 2020. Locked in their homes many did suffer from depressions caused by tyranny and false prophecies, schedules that always turned out to be wrong. I focused on cryptocurrencies. No Valentine in 2021 for me.

March had his way and so had April. Great news the government resigned, left. It turned out to be a hoax. New elections, more corruption, the counted votes were falsified. The conspiracy theories turned out to be true. How can that be? This is not America.

April came to an end. Spring was late but the Easter bunny hopped by while ‘Dancer encore’  (dancing on/continue dancing) travels through Europe. The protest song is about the fight for freedom. No face masks, QR code, being forced into experimental injections.
More good news the shops were never really empty. Toilet paper piled up. There can always be found something to eat even after they increased the prices again.

May. I no longer counted all those lockdown days. I stayed home for 27.5 weeks from November 2020 on in a row.
At the end of this month, life is back to a normal we never had before.
Back to school, back to work, mowing the lawn, staying at home to make an income. I can still pay my bills, no debts. The promised kitten -December 2020- to my child finally arrives.

June here I come. Trying to catch some sun. Laundry outside, the fight with stable flies, ants and stink bugs.

The shock of being bitten by a thick twice. I’m still not over it. It scared me more than anything in the past years. The doctor would say: You have corona. So I stayed away. You can’t have everything you know. I lack trust in the honesty and policy of doctors, specialists and all those terrorist who rather see me dead than alive.

How to get the car tested? Repairments in and outside.

July without restrictions. No one needs a jab. Kids at work. I enjoy the sun till the insects make me run and hide inside. Should I go to the pool? My daughter found another job.
What did that minister say? 2G? What the heck is that?

August. Angry feelings, irritation about a friend… I had to end this new friendship.
What a relief to be free. After all these years I’m quite grateful for that. He is too pushy, rude, make bad jokes on behalf of others, shows no respect and scolds me on the phone. Are you kidding me?
I sent a parcel to my daughter for her birthday. I don’t want it to arrive too late.

Fun with the bus-kid. We bought an e-bike.

I repair walls, paint, collect wood because I need the timber. We saw and saw. Worries about how to survive the cold Winter.

September means back to school again. Summer holidays are over. It’s my daughter’s birthday and I can’t be present. It eats me. I ask a friend to represent me and I’ll organize a surprise party from a distance. No one should be alone, forgotten. I order more cake than anyone can eat plus American cookies and candies.

That parcel I sent? It only caused stress. After a month it was delivered with… me. There was no track to be traced. Thirty-eight euros lost, complaints ignored by the Dutch post who left me with empty hands. I didn’t intend to but I sent it again.

I already expected the ‘no’. I can’t get my car tested and no longer drive it. On the 18th I bought a car for the bus-kid.

October. What can I say? Autumn is on its way and it was short. No rain, no mushrooms everything is grey. It’s already cold inside.
My best friend forgot about mine and my youngest’s birthday.
So far it’s a year with hardly any rain. I finally caught wasps in bottles and jars with homemade lemonade of 2015.

November first I gave up on Whatsapp and read about the Eugenics’ plan to depopulate 90% of the people.

What’s new? A video about depopulation (1930). It’s not a tale, no science fiction, no fiction, no black mirror this is the world we are living in.

Black mirror? (see Netflix – Nosedive)

Life goes on. No lockdown yet. The vaccines don’t work more shots on the way. We all are healthy and still have a job.
My child builds a computer and had a check-up at the school dentist. A check that doesn’t fix anything. Only jabbed people can visit the dentist.
My eyes are tested for free.
It finally started to rain. So far it was a dry year. Fog, grey skies and short days are back. I sleep more.

December. Saint Nicholas’ December 5th parcels are late. Sent to the wrong country (PostNL again).
I’ll stay home. We all hope for a lockdown to have a break.
The bus-kid was sent home with a headache and tested virus-positive on the next day. We never received any proof of that. No QR code either.

My new glasses make me nauseous. They turn out to be wrong.

Ten days quarantine for the entire family. The child is relieved and happy, not one moment sick and very talkative. I and the youngest have a headache for a day too.
Lockdowns and quarantines are good for saving money. I need more cash, to minimalize, declutter, build my own paradise.

I made room for a soberly decorated X-mas tree.

It’s four months later. Thanks to the French post I received the shipping costs for the returned parcel back.

December was a month of hardly any (cooked) meals. On the last day of the year I baked 50 oliebollen and 25 apple beignets outside to celebrate the last day of the year. It was sunny and at least 12°C.

You may say what’s the difference because 2022 sounds like twenty twenty (2020) too (2) but it will only be another 2020 if we allow it. If we forget how life was before the WHO changed the definition of an epidemic. If we easily forget about all the lies told, refuse to see how governments and media worldwide tell the same story and change it rapidly.
It will be another 2020 if we rather believe it was a virus that killed, divided and wiped out all humanity instead of restrictions made by WEF governments no one elected. Governments who don’t care about the elderly or any longer applaud for caretakers. They rather shoot them dead because natural immunity doesn’t exist in their mind. Goverments who no longer care about the constitution, freedom of speech, life that matters.

Since the elections in March 2021 those ministers who resigned, who said they left, those who are not chosen by the people still reign. The King goes on vacation, hunts and celebrates birthdays during lockdowns with over one hundred people. His X-mas speech started with a new version of and a changed bible and was mainly about climate control. Do we really write history together?

You wonder too what the next generations will say about you and if history will be changed to make it all look better or differently? Let’s see what they say in one till five years from today.


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