A look at the news and it turns out a lot is going on in the co-vi-d world we are living in. The world of the tiger started. The tiger fights but will he win the battle in 2022?
I can only laugh if I hear what Biden says. Biden is senile and can hardly speak. It’s hard to believe he can call the Russian Prime minister for an hour. I saw a video of the first lady taking the old man by his hand to get him off the stage. It’s as if you see a toddler follow his mom. One thing is clear this vulnerable man never received a shot or pills to take his suffering stop.

The mainstream media is still busy spreading negative and fake news. No respect for those who call themselves journalists. A journalist investigates and digs for the truth. A real journalist will listen to different stories, opinions and follow every trace to find the story behind the story.
Should we, should I be happy some journalists and celebrities finally see the light and start questioning? Again I say no respect. All those people accepted high sums for spreading lies, fear, from the first Chinese dropping dead on the street because of a virus till Russia starting a war with Ukraine. Should the UK apologize for spreading these lies? Will they? Will Biden, who doesn’t care about the bankruptcy of the USA but sends US troops to Europe and finds the time and money to fight truckers in Canada at the same time?
USA please, stay home and clean up the mess in your own country first, take care of your people, your borders.

I wonder what Biden will say if a reporter asks him if he allows it if the rest of the world send their armies to the USA to control the country or ban the land of the opportunities. What would Biden do lift his facemask and say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to you’?

What I read today -I leave it open what’s true or made up, what to believe or ignore-

“Elections in France. Will France have a new president? If you like to understand the French people you should read Michel Houellebecq because in his books society is the main character. His latest book ‘Anéantir’ (Annihilate) is set in 2026/2027.”

What makes this writer interesting? The fact a lot of what he wrote became true. Some say he is a prophet if it comes to his novels. ‘Anéantir’ doesn’t mention co-vi-d but everything else mentioned by what the media (once) called a conspiracy theory you’ll find back if you read it. I hope to lay hands on this book (end of 2022). I’m curious if the story about the president in this book turns out to be true.

J&J, indeed the one with the one single shot to safe lives (that jab quickly abandoned, next used for the homeless and after that for young people with the promise they could immediately go “dancing with Johnson” (dansen met Jansen) which last one weekend only in the Netherlands is under fire and ‘they’ say bankrupt. Why? Because their great baby product(s) causes cancer! Are you already wondering what is in the life-saving jab?

Moderna turns out not to be doing very well either. What exactly the reason is we’ll never know for real. If it’s not a loss of faith in the company it is about rats leaving the sinking ship since there’s a lot of talks about the Nuremberg Laws (Nürnberger Gesetze 1947) and trials lately and by now we know Pfizer is (again) under fire. Next to that most judges and governments proved during the past two years they are corrupt.

I read some interesting facts about the Spanish flu (each day is good to learn something new). Any idea how long this epidemic lasted? What did you learn in history class? How bad was it? Not too bad. The papers back then didn’t even mention it for two months which means… Not even two months! Indeed you read it right. This epidemic didn’t even last for two months. It was so ‘bad’ that there were no restrictions, there was done nothing to keep the people safe. It must have been a boring age people lived in the papers mentioned it at all. It cannot have been the first time humankind was struck by the flu (or was it the result of an injection?). Isn’t it interesting how history repeats itself? Back then most people survived and humanity didn’t die. Today people die because of jabs forced upon them, because of pills they use for the death penalty, because of damage caused by ventilators, refusing to let doctors do their job and because suicide is the only way out of lockdown, restrictions and QR codes and humanitarians are hard to find. My prediction is it won’t get any better only worse. There’s no way the mass can escape for what ‘planned parenthood’ has in mind for the human, useless population.

Source: Telegram

More healthy news today that makes one think (unless you rather believe as told and keep spreading the same old story). Science and scientists are under fire which should be normal because science is about doubts not about reason. Governments, their ‘experts’ who simply ignored what others (their colleagues) think, figured out, believe, discovered are in trouble too but they can be sacked. Ministers come and go which makes it easier to remain blind and spread the story of the sponsor (Bill & Melinda Foundation, the acts of the foundation Melinda should no longer support).
The numbers of those killed by co-vi-d are overrated and those killed by injections are underrated but like an Australian minister said: no one forces you it’s up to you, your body your responsibility.

With the elections coming up the restrictions will disappear. Not because so many demonstrate for freedom or the police in Paris shoots at peaceful protestors but because of those elections and those who rule know the mass has a very short memory. Two weeks ‘freedom’ is enough to make the nation forget how bad it was and make them vote for the same dictator again, the puppet paid by the elite whose goal is to eliminate 90% of the population.

Soon no QR code is needed unless you travel but the experimental jabs continue till 2024 (and long after then).
More health news is Aids is back. Another attack on the other T-cells just like back in the 80′ guess what caused it smallpox. I wonder if these are same smallpox as were found at Fauci’s lab (didn’t he mention a new smallpox attack or was it, Bill?).

A young vlogger (?) said about two years of health dangering virus: 20% more obesity how odd is that? If you want to know what’s healthy ask your grandmother. If you want to be a rebel grow your food.

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Spartan, that’s how dad calls something that is difficult. Sitting in the cold is Spartan, eating dirty food with mould is Spartan and so is sleeping on the floor. I don’t think Dad is a Spartan or ever met one.
Dad likes to talk about what he calls enduring hardship. It’s a difficult word. To endure hardship is part of being spartan, he says. You have to be tough or you won’t make it. Dad doesn’t look tough to me. He doesn’t want me to say what I feel. Feelings are not important to him.

“Facts, bring me facts if then I will listen to you.”

For dad, only facts count. I am not allowed to feel anything. What I feel or think isn’t important, doesn’t count. What he says to me he never says to my mother. He doesn’t dare talk to her like that. When she’s at home, he hides behind the newspaper, on the toilet or in the little room when she’s not needing it for work. Sometimes I hear another man talk to him. That man is not uncle G. dad says it’s a professor who teaches him to understand maths. I think it’s not going very well or Dad doesn’t understand what the professor tells him. I don’t understand much about maths either. Maybe we are both stupid and that’s a fact?

Dad never says I am stupid. He says I can go to university easily. When the headmaster said I’m too stupid to go to visit housekeeping school, Daddy was furious. I told him what the headmaster said because I don’t know what housekeeping school is. Dad went to school to have a talk with the man. That school no longer exists and he said I’m too good for that.  I don’t think daddy only talked because he was very angry. The headmaster didn’t say anything to me about it, but I’m not in his class anyway but I was a bit afraid of what he can do to me. The headmaster is a mean person. He hits the children too and doesn’t like me. I don’t think he likes my dad. Not yet. Daddy never goes to school except when he’s angry and at Christmas.

So eating mouldy food is spartan? I never read it in a book or heard it in history classes. I think Dad made it up. He won’t let me ask about it and never showed me a book that shows what a Spartan is. How he lives and why it’s important to be one.
Sailors must have eaten mouldy food. That used to be a long time ago when they went sailing to get herbs, coffee and tea. Far away, once they artived they must have had good food, not pudding with green and red bits in it like my mother makes on Sundays. They had special biscuit and water, alcohol and I think rats too. I don’t know if there were any cats on board. Cats that catch mice and rats and don’t eat cat food.

Dad spoke about sliding cheese and sliding cake. He says he only got a small piece of it on his slice of bread. He first ate the dry bread and the last piece of bread was with cheese or breakfastcake. He showed me how to do it. First I had to look at the part of bread with cheese on it next shove the cheese a bit further and eat the dry bread till I came to the last part of bread. My mother said nothing about it. She doesn’t care if I eat bread with something on it. I can have what I like. Cheese, meat or chocolate sprinkles. If I don’t eat bread, it’s okay too. She only gets furious if I don’t eat the cooked dinner.

I think being beaten me is spartan too. My mother likes to hit but never with her bare hand. She always uses a whip, a mat beater or the dog chain. Maybe it is spartan that I no longer cry or beg her to stop? I just close my eyes and let her. I watch from a distance. She’ll get tired. Dad hits me too but with his leather slippers but only when my mother says: don’t you see what that child is doing? If she says that he jumps on his feet and slaps me. Sometimes he puts me over his knee and counts how many times he slaps me. That must be something spartan too counting how many lashes are given I mean.

I asked grandma about the sliding cheese and sliding breakfastcake. Grandma is frugal because she was in the Japanese camp. She softens old bread over a pan of hot water. She looked at me in surprise and said: your father lies, we never did anything like that.
Grandma believes me. She doesn’t say I am a liar. I didn’t tell dad I asked his mom of it’s true what he told me.
I don’t like spartan or what my father calls spartan. I can’t stand the cold, I don’t want to eat mould and I don’t care if I never grow up being tall, a strong Spartan. Why do I have to be a Spartan? I am not and will never be.

February 6, 2022

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The good guy

Not so long ago (let’s say before 2020) the world was talking about animal abuse, child abuse, paedophilia, child labour, anti-abortion laws and so on. Today, all these for so long despised topics of conversation suddenly became normal. I guess this is the new normal? Paedophilia and the elite go hand in hand. Klaus Schwab brags publicly about how he has governments worldwide in his pocket. The unelected leaders of most countries were all trained by this scary man already called the Schwab Youth.
“I don’t know who is worse but I’d rather join the Hitler Jugend,” my child said.

How would it be like being a Schwab child? Trudeau certainly received support as he hurriedly left Canada after his mistake saying that there were just a couple of truck drivers on their way to Ottawa. A real guy, one with guts would have stayed and talked to a delegation of drivers even if this was only meant to keep up appearances. Not Trudeau, he left in a hurry and flew back after a pep talk from Schwab and announced he had caught an acute cold. Of course, he feels fine but since he’s a good guy he practices self-quarantine.
The common cold is caused by one out of 200 viruses, of which the coronavirus is one of the two most common. So the coronavirus isn’t new, either is catching a cold once or twice a year.

Trudeau is a good guy? If he had been as good as his fellow countrymen and would have taking the necessary injections and the booster, nothing would have happened. He could have saved himself the trip with an aeroplane instead of increasing his carbon footprint. After all, those injections do exactly what is promised. None can deny that. They do save you from the worse suffering which is the coward19 virus.
From behind a desk in front of his house, Castro’s bastard son speaks to the people. How sick can one be? If we may believe him he feels well which is noted. Trudeau knows exactly what he’s saying and doing.

Fake news or?

Sick or not, he is doing the job. Important is to keep spreading the word. The truckers knew what would come. The caretakers are the best example. Today’s hero is tomorrow’s biggest threat. What caretakers and truck drivers have in common is that they aren’t realistic. They are conspiracy terrorists which the mass should know before they start asking to give them their freedom back too.
The people, those dumb sheep must know, be instructed who is to blame. Those ‘few truck drivers’ are the latest scapegoats, they block the road, bring hunger to the nation and Trudeau will confiscate their trucks if they don’t go home and go back to work. Of course the city, the government didn’t trap hundreds of them, forced them to stay in their truck without food or able to visit a gas station. All lies, conspiracy told by a handful of truck drivers.
It doesn’t matter what you believe. What counts is everything is going exactly according to plan, Schwab’s plan. Shortage, it will all get much worse, which was by the way already announced by Schwab himself and Bill Gates. Anyone who ignores these announcements isn’t smart.
This new world order will come. It is about the goal set not the ways how to achieve it. Strikes, complaints, demonstrations, civil wars are all calculated. There’s not only one road leading us to Rome. The only thing that matters is that those who have planned this don’t attract too much attention, that’s why puppets like Trudeau, Biden, Rutte, BoJo and many others are needed for. Puppets will be replaced or given the final shot. So far the cabal succeeded miraculously, my compliments.

After so many years of planning, brainwashing, re-educating and spreading fear, the average person no longer uses common sense and is easily manipulated. Not because they are naive but because they lost intelligence, skills, their lack of self-esteem and they became lazy. From people who believe what gossip media tells, who only read headlines and believe every word posted on the internet without doing their research first one can not expect miracles. These people are the perfect tool (read slave).

“We own more than 50% of all governments, media, even spiritual leaders…” Klaus S. of the WEF said, beaming with pride. Not so long ago, no dog would have noticed him. Isn’t it remarkable how many insignificant people, criminals, idlers and failed specialists are suddenly known, famous worldwide? I can’t understand how come not one single person checked them out. It all sounds like a joke.
Can be one of those many worms in Moderna’s or Pfizer’s injection fluid or the test swabs got into their brain and made the crazy professors do these insane experiments but if you ask me they already hated humankind as a kid and intended to destroy them back then. A typical character trait, tick or deviation of the elite, (royalty included) and narcissists, sociopaths. A man like Fauci should have been executed decades ago instead of be praised like a hero. It isn’t the first time he kills many with his Fauci viruses. After many years it’s AIDS again that will kill nations. Not because of sex but a experimental vaccin.
All these cruel experiments with animals, on humans. How come this evil man was never on trial for this. He harmed more people, nature than anyone can imagine and the end isn’t near. In thirty years from now those who are still alive and able to think, who still can remember might hear the truth. A truth that will change nothing to what happens today and the harm done to many in the past.

That experimental fluid… is it made out of garbage. Let’s face it, if the microscopic examination shows that there are eggs, worms, iron, graphite, and glass pieces in the injection fluid disguised as a vaccine, this indicates something.

To a deaf man’s ears

More and more people leave social media. Good folk, decent, helpful and intelligent people. Specialists, noble prize winners, doctors, those with brains so to say. I can’t blame them, understand why they say they had it with the mass. That mass who doesn’t want to be educated and hates everyone who did finished school and studied.
They gave their best, tried to explain, answered questions but feel it was talking against a deaf man’s ears. True if you are famous, step out in the open, speak up you expect with being seen, questioned and unfortunately, you will be scolded at too. It’s all part of being noticed, known and… being the perfect scapegoat. The mass needs someone to blame. Imagine what social media will look like if all with brains, ideas left.

I admire each person who ignores, stays polite, remains friendly, sends a hug, keeps spreading love and sends blessings. I don’t know if these are just empty words. Can be at the inside they are furious, ready to kill those not able to debate. People whose main goal is to break a scientist, an intelligent person instead of discussing the topic.

Each time I read a post written by a, to my opinion, aggressive person I browse through the responses given. I seldom feel the need to reply. The comments intrigue me and indeed make me wonder how so many can stay polite or even see the funny in what’s said. It must be great to be able to laugh out loud about what some say. To see the humour in nonsense truly believed. How can one send love to a person who writes: I pray you all will be dead within the hour ‘I hope you die a horrible and painful death’?
It beats me. What makes one react in such an extreme way? What goes on in the brain of a human filled with so much hate? Is this what fear does to a person or is it anger and frustration?

What makes one think God is willing to solve a personal problem of a single person by killing thousands who don’t agree with the angry man? How is it possible those who are deaf to others’ opinions, arguments and all sorts of proof still talk about freedom?
It feels as if the definition of freedom is changed since big mouths, scared people and tyrants rule. Does it? Of course not. A tyrant is a dictator, a dictator a narcissist and a narcissist has a different view on life, reality and the truth than the average man. It always has been this way. The only thing that changed is the situation people live in. Many never dealt with a narcissist. Those who do know how sneaky they are, what a huge manipulator a narcissist is. Even if you share a roof with one, know the tricks, it’s still hard to avoid the trap set up.

In a modern world, a normal world we tend to believe dictators do not exist. We find it hard to believe our prime minister tends to kill us, our children after all we pay the man, voted for him and live in a democracy. If we feel there’s something wrong at all ignoring reality is the best strategy.  This way we calm down our conscious and fight the fear inside. The fear to lose everything we worked hard for, our possessions, status, job and with them our norms, values, home and identity. Being a loser, useless to our government is the worst that can happen.

Is bad behaviour a cry for help? Is the present aggression shown by so many people the result of fear or the restrictions not taken seriously by everyone in society?
We know anxiety narrows the mind but not everyone with a narrow mind suffers from excessive fear not even when they are exaggerating.
It’s easy to blame the personal situation, the crisis, the health system, truckers, or our mental state but if not everyone responds aggressively only our character, the way we are raised or medication can be blamed.
Hate-spreaders, big mouths love to blame others for their misfortune but these people have never been the ones who lived by the rules. They love to live on the edge, to bully and ignore every law and rule which isn’t much different from those who claim they are driven by fear, the devil made them do it or the unjabbed person.
Fear is used as an excuse to act differently. To act violent, to blame the government, employer. In reality, it’s about admitting the wrong decision is made. The good thing is wrong decisions can be made undone. There’s no need to scold or harm others. If you are right all problems will solve themselves. God isn’t needed for that.
It is hard to live in fear 24/7, to let anxiety rule you and to feel as if you lose your mind. It’s imaginable it makes some mad to see how strong people have what they lack which is courage.

Fear makes one act differently but it isn’t fear if you attack your neighbours, strangers on the street, your family, friends and the doctor who treated you for many years because in your opinion each one of them is wrong and their personal opinion freaks you out.

The truth? What exactly is the truth? The fact people too easily change their opinion?

“First they shout at birthdays each politician lies and can’t be trusted. As soon there’s a crisis they have a panic attack and cry for help. At that moment the corrupt government needs to save them just to make that scared, big mouth feel better,” Robert Jensen said in his podcast. He made me think just like the comments I read. Although, I don’t agree with every word Jensen says it’s worth thinking about. To me, there’s no need to agree with someone to listen to what he has to say. If all folks agree with each other there’s no input, nothing to consider, to figure out, think, read or write about.

The human mind is a mystery and it might be the reason why big brother wants to check us out and big tech wants to change the human brain into AI. If monkeys have a higher IQ than the average man and learn faster humankind is in danger and no longer needed.

Like the ‘Party against the citizen’ (Partij tegen de Burger) a parody on the government states: We do not need more people especially not intelligent wants. We’ll fight the next generation to have a better future than we have.”

How to get rid of Deedee?

Deedee glanced around the table. “Why is everyone trying to get rid of me?”

“What do you think?” Her brother’s voice sounded the same as that of her late father. A man who never wanted a daughter and did everything to convince her that she was despised. Unwanted and alive only by his grace. For his ‘goodness’ she should have shown her gratitude in every conceivable way. Again and again and again. Every minute of the day she fought to forget him. What happened that changed her brother so suddenly? In spite of her father, she had always loved the boy, defended him and taken the blows for his rash behaviour.
The others did not say a word. It was not that they were ignoring her, but the anxiety was palpable. The air was permeated with fear.

Her mother didn’t look up when she looked at her questioningly and bravely tried to ignore her angry brother.
“Mother, please tell me what is going on?” She grabbed her mother’s hand and had no intention of letting go until she had an answer.
The rest of the family remained silent.
This was exactly how it had always been when he was alive, she thought, as a cold shiver ran down her spine.
“Mother,” she whispered, “why does everyone always want to get rid of me? What have I done to deserve this? Haven’t I always been there for you?”
For a moment she thought her mother would look at her, lifted her head to answer. At the same moment, her brother grabbed her in her neck and dragged her from the table.
“I won’t say it again. Pack your bags and leave! You are no longer welcome here.”

“Max, don’t go out there!” roared my brother from downstairs.

Why my mother kept silent, kept silent again, escaped me. What had I done wrong? My head was spinning with questions, unanswered questions. I still felt my brother’s fingers squeezing my neck when he threw me out into the corridor and slammed the door. I was halfway up the stairs when I heard my brother roaring from the dining room. He had been clear. I was no longer welcome in my mother’s house, my home in which he was suddenly in charge and dominated mother. Did I still feel something for her? How long had it been since she had hugged me, kissed me or said something friendly? I stood indecisively in front of the wardrobe. I did not know where to go and one thing was certain: I could never take all my belongings with me.

I hadn’t even heard my room door open but suddenly Max stood next to me.
“Deedee, you can come and live with me for as long as you like. Let me help you.
She put a duffel bag in my hand. This is for your clothes, pack everything you love in your suitcase. We have to hurry, you know how he is.”
“What happened? What did I do?”
“Later,” Max said, as she hurriedly emptied my dressing table and threw my old teddy bear into the suitcase. “Not everyone wants to get rid of you don’t think that. I know what you did.”
I stared at her and saw how she bit her lip as a tear slid down her cheek.
“Quick, get your clothes, which books do you want to take? You know that if we leave here, neither of us will be welcome here ever again.”
“Did mother say that?”
“No, you know she never says anything. Not then, not now.”
“Max? Did you say something to him?”
She shook her head violently. “You are my sister, I would never do such a thing. Ready?”
“Just my shoes, coat and…”
I lifted my mattress to get the file I had put underneath it. It was gone. Startled, I stared at the slatted floor. With the disappearance of the dossier, all my hope vanished at once. Who would believe me now?

“We have to go now,” Max whispered. She sounded nervous and it was clear that she did not want to wait any longer.
“It’s gone,” I whispered, “how can it be gone?” Fierce I pulled the sheets off the bed and tipped the mattress over against the wall.
“Come on,” begged Max as she dragged the duffel bag and suitcase to the door, “it’ll be all right I told you I know what happened.”
I had great difficulty in holding back the tears of frustration but I had to. I would take my last steps in this house with my head held high, except for Max, I had no family left.

“It’s not far,” Max said and I followed her without answering while lugging the duffel bag along, “the car is parked a bit further. Her eyes narrowed.
Sun in the eyes, even as a toddler she had not been able to stand it.
“Here.” I handed her the sunglasses I kept in my coat’s pocket. She smiled gratefully and gestured to a man, unknown to me, who was waiting by a van.

“Don’t worry, it will be all right. He thinks he knows everything but without this, he has no proof.”
She opened her coat a little and tapped at my file hidden under it. “I saw him reading it after I left the dining room I grabbed it from his desk.”
“Where are we going,” I liked to know.
“Home, a new home. He doesn’t know I keep this one. You’ll be safe and if you want I’ll help you look for the child he took from you.”
I swallowed and thought of the lost time, of all the years I had spent twisting and turning to be liked. I had done my utmost. Mother had ignored what happened. What he had done to her to me until he came for Max and took the child from me.

“Mother knew,” I said and there was nothing more to say. Mother knew and had realized what was coming. In a house where a crime was committed every day, a new criminal is born easier. What Max didn’t know was that the child, my child born out of crime, was no longer alive. He had thrown it to the pigs with the words “another useless girl”. He had not noticed how I grabbed the axe and hit. I split his skull from behind with the axe mother hid  afterwards. Mother had done nothing to prevent it, never prevented anything. To my brother, I would always be the rapist and murderer of our ‘poor’ dad. A father who deserved better than a bunch of ungrateful daughters.

Another dimension

Waking up never been easy
I wonder where I am
Even before I open my eyes
I marvel about time and day
The timepiece of the matron
– what was her name again –
Ticks on and on and on
Location next to my bed
It sounds louder and louder till it suddenly stops

Where am I?
Do I need to go or be somewhere
Is there a reason to leave my bed
Hastily at this very moment
Instead of living in oblivion?
Too many beatings on the head
Capillaries, nerves, threats
The awareness something snapped indeed
No fasten your veins instead of seatbelts

Not a clue where I am
I start thinking, imagining, gathering the thoughts
Why is it they see a grey, foggy personality
While beautiful colours pass by
My head is never empty
It has never been
Shades of green, poppy red,
Sunflower yellow
Endless cornfields where deer hide

The smell of the mattress with seagrass
Granny’s hot chocolate and cake
Panic in Spain
Third teeth stuck in a glass
The awareness I’ll never go home again
Gagging over white pudding with so many red and green pieces

Flashes of pain, humiliation, pity, the reality
Hurt neighbourhood, children
Enough of it!
I memorized it all, the wakeup call included
Brainwashed, falsified truth
More bread and pancakes than I liked to eat
Another extent begs to be seen
The world one meets when caught by a story

Lack of commendation
Not recognised by
Passed station already as a child
I’m still around, this is me
The memory of the blue lagoon
The black mirror, sea, Malta, Sicily
Crying and smiling with the wolves
Black cobra, Out of Africa
No godfather took my hand, protected me

The world can be such a good place
– Grandfather’s geese in the orchard –
Once we embrace, recognize true love
The ally, comrade till eternity
All this is me
Never good enough
to be accepted, respected, liked
by those who should but never could
Tied by different needs, too much emptiness

What does it take to drive one crazy
To overlook the present, all that once mattered
To set foot into another immortality
Everlastingness, depression
The psyche minding its own business instead of age
The inability to wake up, get off the floor
How to recognize dirty games setups
Knowing the theatrical scene isn’t the real thing
Freedom of the spirit hidden behind norms set by an elite and masks.

At times I lose the mind you defined as me lately
A different intellect, the ghost set free from the bottle
Sanity, rationality, psyche
Still exist in a different dimension
Overcoming, gathering the reflections
within minutes, seconds
Does it look like a loss?
I am not gone, fallen
Because I wane tea and biscuits today

Twenty years

“You are the one who is in complete control. You are the one who will be defeating him.”
I always get so mad if my shrink tells me this bullshit. Well, actually the fact he is not really paying attention to me, to what I say is. I am one of those 80,000 idiots in this world that recites exactly the same sentence in the 25 years he is practicing. This is how it works: He asks me a question and as soon as I answer he starts drawing some lines on a piece of paper to get his own nerves under control.

It feels as if he thinks I am an idiot.
I am not a toddler that can be fooled by its parents if it shows its drawing (the one they did not even had a look at) and lie: “Wow that looks great you are very talented!”

According to him, I am in complete control.
“Don’t you think it’s normal to get a guarantee if you pay for quality stuff, I ask?”

“What do you think?”

“I already told you my opinion I asked for yours.”

“Is this something you want to talk about now?”

“If not I would not start about it.”

“Does it bother you if you do not get what you expect?”

“I like to get what I pay for, don’t you?”

“What do you think?”

“I thought you said I am the one who is in control.
Otherwise, you are going to sit there and try and try and try. This will only get in the way” I stood up, shove the small table aside and took his writing pad out of his hands.

“Come on if I can do it you can do it too. I am sitting in this chair for over 20 years now and the fact is you did not really help me to fight my fears not to fight for my rights.”

I had a quick look at his drawing… It was a kind of doodle art. Not bad at all and for sure way better as the therapy he gave me.
Reluctantly he changed chairs with me.

“I noticed you don’t feel well, I said.
You don’t dare to look me in the eyes and do not answer my questions. Your words are meaningless and you do not practice what you preach. I really expected more from you after all these years of education and practicing. Twenty years of my life I waisted here to hear what even my neighbor’s dog can tell me. Twenty years…”

Startled he looked at me.

“…twenty years of sky-high bills!
What can you say to your defense? I stood right in front of him and waved with his writing pad in front of his face. I will end this bullshit of you now. You are an imposter and a big scam.”

pulled his bills out of my pocket thorn them into pieces and threw them out of the window they were floating on the air currents just like his doodle art. After all the guy was right I did defeat him.

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CDBC the Central Bank Digital Coin

In March 2019, the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries published a comprehensive report on CBDCs. It lists the countries that are either researching this or are abandoning it for the time being. I did not come across the Netherlands so quickly but this country will definitely switch to the new digital currency for everyone because it is involved in the great reset of which CO2 emission and the co-vi-d hoax are part as well. Even if the Dutchman is not, the government is ready to build back better. Not the better for the average man but that does not matter.
The report by the British institute lists, among others, the countries where the system has already been implemented. China, by the way, is not included. This report also mentions that Ecuador has stopped its CBDC. Personally, none of this means anything to me, and I cannot say whether they have ever issued a digital currency.
Up to now, I have not been much interested in the emergence of the central digital currency for the Netherlands (most likely the EU).

What exactly is CBDC except for a name?
It is a means of payment similar to paper banknotes, coins and the well-known bank card or credit card. It is a unit of account and a store of value (see, among others, Wikipedia).
Incidentally, there is no fixed definition for CBDC (yet), so it can still go either way.
For those who are used to online payments, the new system will not cause many problems. The same goes for those active in the world of cryptocurrencies. The difference between the money we know now and CBDC is that CBDC is not tangible. You cannot hold it, smell it, bathe in it or hide it under your mattress. Just like with cryptocurrencies, you have a wallet (account at the Central Bank) where your amount to be spent is stored. A wallet that likely not only the Central Bank guards. With the help of the blockchain, the government will automatically collect taxes, fines, control you and if you don’t behave…

When it comes to banks, there are two types, central and commercial. Each country has, on average, one central bank.
‘De Nederlandsche Bank’ (DNB) is the central bank of the Netherlands and is responsible for compiling the Dutch balance of payments and the Dutch International Investment Position. The EU has a central bank too. This bank is responsible for the balance of the countries affiliated with the EU. This means the governments of EU countries deal with two central banks that watch over them, whereby the national bank probably has little to say. Those who still believe that money does not make one happy are wrong. It is the central banks who are in charge because they have the money, print it and decide who’s gonna live and who has to die. They don’t care about (small) businesses or countries going bankrupt. As a watchdog of finances, they do a lousy job. Whoever has the money has the power enough power to rule the world.

CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency and this is or will be the digital money that a central bank of a country will issue. Commercial banks cannot do this and will not play a major role in the future. We are already seeing this in the Netherlands. Many banks no longer have branches. The online bank has become quite normal, as has the discontinuation of issuing bank cards.
The central bank is not the bank where you and I, private individuals, can open an account but the one powerful bank of the country. As mentioned, some central banks are already developing their own digital currency (coin) while others are still ignoring this option.


The problem with commercial banks?
Most of them are too big to fail. They are the ones who perpetuate the fiscal deficit and the resulting problems that many countries have been facing for years but the economic crisis, the depreciation of money, have to be stopped. Also, the central banks that keep on printing money without anything of value (gold) will not solve the economic crisis. In the end, money that is printed is always spent and lent out, which only makes the financial problem worse. No less than 90% of the savings in the Netherlands are used by banks to ‘earn’ money. Their earning model is doomed for years. The only thing that keeps the existing most used currencies alive (especially the dollar is said to account for more than half of all transactions worldwide and central banks this is worrying) is the belief in the coin. Clearly, trust in a coin alone is not enough to avert inflation, the bankruptcy of a country and with that a completely new financial system.

I grew up with cash. I saved in a piggy bank and once a year the bank emptied it with a key. A debit card did not yet exist in those days. The amount of money from the piggy bank was entered in a booklet. Those who did not receive their salary in cash went to collect it at the bank. An employee of the bank handed it over. ATMs did not yet exist, nor did credit or debit cards. Nothing was ordered or paid online.
By now I have experienced many financial changes. This doesn’t mean I participate(d) in each one of them. I have never used the ‘chipknip’, I do not pay contactless or with NFC. Like many people, I pay a lot of fixed costs automatically because I am forced to. Taxes are not one of them, but rent, health insurance and bank charges are. It will therefore not be a big step for the average Dutchman to exchange the euro for a digital coin, the account for a wallet and to allow third parties to collect their bills automatically.
The Dutch government is increasingly steering towards this, as well as being able to check and control everyone. An app is needed for everything. Those who refuse or have an old phone can no longer participate in the most basic things. Once the elderly died those who remain will have to learn all about the new (financial) system.

Like it or not, this new financial system is going to happen. In all likelihood, it will be a digital currency because private individuals who issue such a currency are the Central Bank’s greatest fear and therefore enemy. Facebook is on its way and it is not the only one. The CBDC can be issued per country by the national central bank or the central bank of the EU (for America the FED). My estimation is that given the great reset and the setting up of a world government it will be one currency for all. Everyone except the two countries that are seen as the greatest enemies: China and Russia (in Russia they guard against money printing).

A digital central bank currency (CBDC) can ensure that people can continue to pay with central bank money even if cash disappears. This can be a great advantage, especially since the central bank will then be the guarantor. However, it is unusual for central banks to do business with private individuals. Count with the fact that in the banking sector a great reset will take place as well. If it comes to the banking sector, the redundant will not have to count on another job. Banking at home and on the go will soon be commonplace for everyone, regardless of age or education. I do not think that savings will still exist for ordinary people. The social credit system will not allow it.

The European Central Bank (ECB) investigates the possibilities of developing European digital money and so does ‘De Nederlandse Bank’ (DNB). Here, they are also looking at what the blockchain has to offer in terms of creating their own digital currency.
The majority of the Dutch population knows nothing about cryptocurrencies and isn’t interested still the banks are watching this development with suspicion because they have no control over it. From their perspective, you can’t blame them. Should the Dutch massively switch to cryptocurrencies, the central bank and the government will lose all power.

By the way, it is not a requirement that a CBDC runs on a blockchain, although it is the way to exercise total control over the account holders.

What’s in a name?

Nothing? Everything?
It depends on who you speak, what you believe but one thing’s for sure names do not all sound the same. Not to the ears of humans and not to the ears of animals. It’s the same for foreign languages. If we are not used to the accent what sounds romantic or sweet to some can be harsh to others. Personal ideas, feelings based on life experiences or (dis)likes influence how we feel or think about a name too.

If you have time listen to what is said here. It’s meant to be funny by the way. Try to hear what is said about certain letters. It makes sense certain letter combinations sound louder than others. It takes more power to speak (in the example given spit) them out.

Do not take what you just heard seriously. You can still say ‘teacher’ instead of ‘neacher’. Louder sounds of letters or letter combinations do not spread viruses faster but some of us may spit more. If it comes to that: a disease caused by a virus will not be spread by people without symptoms. Being tested with a PCR test with a positive result proves nothing. If you do not feel sick you are not and no threat to others.
Louder pronounced letter combinations also sound more like guttural gurgles and more unfriendly, especially if we are not used to them. A name with hard or deep guttural sounds does not sound friendly. Such a name may be good for a dog like a Doberman or Rottweiler but is not necessarily suitable for the average man let alone a small child.

A name is not always chosen carefully or with love. Being named after grandpa or grandma is not always appreciated. I know all about that. Having a boy’s name when you are a girl or a name that is suitable for each gender feels so wrong to me. I have bad experiences with that too and after all these years, my ugly names still annoy me and make me feel unhappy. I should have changed my name when I could still afford it. Nowadays, apart from asking the king’s permission – as if the man cares – you need to pay about 1000 euros and wait for months if it’s possible at all.
I find it unpleasant to be constantly compared with someone else and a name that doesn’t sound good and doesn’t feel like mine. I am named after my grandmother but the church always asks if I am my grandfather. My grandfather a man who died nearly 60 years ago.

For me, there is a lot in a name. A name should be unique and fit the person or one should at least have a positive ring to it.
If you believe there’s something into a name and care about the meaning of a name you can investigate what is written about your name(s). There are many books published about names and their meanings, and the internet has plenty of information too. You can even find overviews of how often a name is given each year in a country.

Naming a child after a celebrity is more common nowadays than naming it after the grandparents. Those who name their children after someone have a certain thought in mind about the person in question and likely hopes their child will resemble or be associated with this person. After all, everyone likes to share in the success and positive thoughts about a celebrity and nobody wants to be compared to a dictator, the brand of a toaster or the municipal waste collection service.

If it comes to animals: When your pet hunts you down in the house, attacks and bites you and you have named him Hunter, it is time for a change of name. In this case, the name Hunter was changed to Hunk. It took time and energy to re-educate this animal but it was worth it. Hunter went from being aggressive to one of the most affectionate and sweetest animals I ever met. Who calls her pet Bitch should not expect too much from it. The word, toning does not sound nice and it will certainly not be pronounced like that. Bitch sounds bitter, short-tempered and in this case, the animal behaved that way. You could say there was something in that name. This pet needed one too, a sweet name to have a fair chance to be liked.

Will we ever get used to foreign names? Names we would never give our children or which we associate with a dictator, terrorist or someone we look down on or would rather not be reminded of? For longer the name Adolf wasn’t popular although children were named Dolf (Adolf without the A) which still sounds strange to me.

I don’t know what exactly happened but my grandmother was disappointed in her brother. This wasn’t for a small reason since she tolerated more than most people. As a result, she felt bitter about naming her son after him. Perhaps the son started to look too much like his uncle?
I do believe unconsciously, the one who is named after someone starts comparing himself with that person. You need to be aware of your name, be alert not to fall for it. It’s easy to copy certain behaviour once growing older. After all, it is human nature to profit from the good name and fame of others. If the celebrity you are named after is in the spotlight, you as the namesake feel automatically more seen and heard.

How did being the namesake of my grandmother work out for me? You would think that with more than one name, l have a choice, but that was not the case. None of my names is beautiful, and I’ve never felt comfortable being called by my grandmother’s names. My names never felt as if they belonged to me.
I already had the feeling that all the bad things were coming for me.
My grandmother only just survived the concentration camp and suffered pain for the rest of her life. To me, it felt as if the curse that rested on her – the heavy, humiliating, deathly ill life – was passed on to me together with her names even though she was strong, a fighter, did not let herself be silenced. Despite all the setbacks, didn’t she allow herself to be belittled. No matter how bad things were, she tried to get the best out of her life, even if it was far from easy. Would she have preferred a different name? I never asked. It may be that she eventually grew into her names or that she simply did not care because those who knew called her mum, Mrs. or granny.

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The three pigs – A pig tale

“Off you go”, she said
holding the door wide open right after the three came out of bed.
It was high time to stand on own feet
enough was enough.
“Can I have breakfast first”, Fatso peeked at the dough.
It was not a bread yet but he could wait like he usually did.
He wasn’t the type to rush into something new and tried to sit
down but he hadn’t counted with his mother’s firm paw
she kicked his ass and outside he landed with a huge bow
in front of the gate.
“We better leave mate.”
His brothers weren’t that stupid and did understand
there was no room left and on the other hand
it was great to finally see the world,
build a life without any adult
telling them how or what needs to be done.
The world looked great and even the sun shone.

They walked together and followed the path
while searching for food and gathering what
looked handy to build a home of their own.

Fatso is not the fittest of those three
’cause his main problem is he’s as lazy as one can be.
After a walk of only two times a quarter, his motivation was extremely low.
He announced he wouldn’t set a single step instead make himself a hut out of straw.
There was plenty of it,
way more than he needed.
His siblings frowned but it was fine with them.
There’s no need to argue about what’s good or bad,
since none of them was familiar with life’s issues, mom had always handled that.

After a walk of two times an hour, perhaps a bit further,
the second brother said he could commit a murder
for a place of his own including a mud pool.
He would start working on it right away since the weather was nice and it was a perfect day.
“This spot is great and I can’t wait to enjoy my own home.”
As he turned around to look at his brother the eldest was gone.

“I would love to be a nomad”, Senior thought I don’t care about wandering alone
but still, I could build a place of my own.
Just for those days, I might like to rest,
want to relax, or will have a guest.
He truly loved the familiar scenery
but with different folk was he wanted to be.
That’s why he followed a new route.
Life was great, adventure ahead, he felt so good.
Strong enough to climb a mountain but why not start with a hill?
“You can’t have everything but what counts is the will
to succeed”, he snorted pleasantly
“Let’s see…”
A cottage out of stone arose.
Although it wasn’t his first choice,
it was good enough to build him a home.
A place in case of need which he could call his own.
“Something like this I could never build in a day,
not even a week. I can honestly say
the one who made it did a great job.”
Since a nap at times doesn’t harm a hog
he decided to enter after he did easily unlock
the door. “Home sweet home”
he grunted but… he wasn’t alone.

The shack’s owner wasn’t content with the intruder who locked him out.
He jumped high, climbed on the roof since he was very proud
of the cosy hut, he built over time.
“Let me in”, he roared, ” this cottage is mine.
You thief!
I assure you if you don’t leave…”

“Get away you loser” the swine groaned through the chimney as he noticed the shaggy dog alike tail,
“or I set you at fire!” it snorted while continuing drinking the ale
it had bumped into after being disturbed while he tried to shuteye,
because someone tried to break into his place and that was why
he had a really bad mood!
“I’m hungry. Let’s search for some food.”

The chimney was empty but on top of the roof sat
not a shaggy dog but a wolf who just had
the most unwelcome surprise of his life,
right after he had lost his dear wife.
That cabin? It meant the world to him.
For sure that intruder wouldn’t stay forever inside,
he would guard his place the entire night
and if needed the next days and twilights as well.
He knew he could easily swell
and blow the whole place away,
but no way
he would do that.
It was all that he had.
As he heard the drunk boar fell and snore
he jumped off the roof, hid around the corner, and watched the front door.

It didn’t take long or a pig appeared
out of nowhere. The lonely wolf feared
this one wouldn’t make it easier to get
his beloved home back and instead
of blowing his cottage away
he did so with the pig at the start of the day
right before he could knock on the door
and wake up drunk Senior snoring on the floor.

“One swine less to worry about”,
the wolf gaped and stretched himself out.
He was patient, had plenty of time.
“No matter how long it takes, I will get back what is legally mine.”
He smiled as he thought of his dear wife.
Why did she change already the present for the next life?

At the time the sun left the horizon,
the wolf still waited and watched his spot,
while the pig inside was convinced he did not
do something wrong or brought harm
to anyone. He thought back at his life at the farm
where his mother always took care.
She never told him to beware
of someone else’s property.
Which was the main reason why he took so eagerly
what didn’t belong to him and
he was rude and even scolded to vent
his frustration about the commotion.
The brainless pig reached for more alcohol, the potion
was still in his blood although his banging head,
nearly drove him crazy which should be a clear warning said.
He couldn’t help, resist it, longed for more but
the bottles were empty and he didn’t have the gut’
to go outside ’cause he hardly could walk
in a straight line.
“I really could use some more beer or… wine.”
Who could he ask for help in case of such an emergency?
Who on earth could that be?
He thought long and hard but without any other outcome
as to leave the place he adopted as his newfound home.
“Later I will go, for sure I will
I just need to lay down a bit longer since my head is still
banging and the steps I take are shaky…”

“Wakey, wakey!”
It was Fatso who intended to knock at the door.
Not that he liked to socialize,
it was more he had a huge appetite and he thought it would be wise
to search for Senior who always knew a way
to find good food and most likely was the one who would ask him to stay overnight.

who’s that boar?
How many more
evil pigs stroll around?
No one in this family
is raised properly?
“Porky this is my ground!
Take your fat paw
away from my gate.
Ever heard of the law?
Be wise.
I don’t warn twice!”
Fatso looks up at the guy.
He was huge. He couldn’t remember why
he had set foot on this ground in the first place.
Was it fear that had erased
his memory and his hunger for food?
“I’m sorry sir my intentions were…”
He didn’t know what he should say.
It had been an exciting and exhausting day.
“I thought, I tried…”
he stuttered looked at all the fur
“… I’m hungry, it’s late, you have any food inside?”

The wolf thought long and deep.
“Pork isn’t sheep”,
was what his wife always said.
She even told him that
pigs are not picky, eat everything.

“You can open the door, there’s no need to ring.
There’s a large piece of meat waiting for you
but only if you can eat and do
it in silence and leave once you’re done.”

“I promise you, sir, I’ll be gone
as soon as I finished my meal.”

“Alright, it’s a deal.”

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All you need to be is a swine

Time flew by.
There was no reason why the three boars should look back.
Going home?
Their normal life was gone, taken from them.
It was done without regret or delay.
If the news spread was true all pigs just like ma Swine were dead.
After a not too long sickness, she ended up in bed.
Finally, Senior thought, the best of all was she had died alone.

There was no reason to cry or grieve.
All he felt was a relief.
It had been her life her choice.
She had kicked them out back then,
without any remorse.
They’d agreed never to set a paw inside her miserable hut again.

Senior, the eldest of the three was satisfied felt happy.
He loved the freedom, his booze, to celebrate
from early in the morning till late.
He didn’t care about the swine flu or cessation.

“I’m immune ’cause I drink, alcohol is pure
It can only infect you,” he notified the other two, “you should take some shots too, it’s the best cure
against your worries, emotions, common sense you’ll see.
All that unnecessary thinking, trust me it even fights anxiety.”

Together they celebrated the weather and above all the joy of their muddy pool.

“It’s good to live free, I love the country.”
Fatso agreed although, he still missed the luxury of well-prepared food.
The wolf’s new spouse never baked bread or cake,
both loathed rolling through mud and avoided the lake.
What made them always go out at night howling at the moon
without fearing an experimenter showing up as soon
as they started because they coerced the neighbourhood?
He liked them but their behaviour didn’t feel good.
Should he report them to the government?

“It’s only reasonable they stick to the law
like we all. What if they infect you with that crying-out-vibrant disease,” said the sow. “Know we build back better. Isolated black wolves and black sheep isn’t the end.”

Could this new brother skim his brain, was he too naive, too kind?
He better start practising a blank mind.
Sharing the same dirty hole with these swine woke him up.
No way he could stay
close, enjoying the dirt with these pigs.
In his head, he played the song “You say I ain’t good enough for you, ’cause I don’t behave the way you want me to. I should change my norms, values and attitude, obey otherwise I’m a bad dog. I’m no good, no good, no good…”

The sow unexpectedly hummed along with the hymn playing in his mate’s head and said: “You have the right spirit, brother I knew it. No need to stay, safety is only a call away. Take your responsibility if not for you then for us, since we are your true family.

“Take some firewater to keep the spirits brother,” Senior said with a smile. “A few shots won’t harm you. Do what I do and don’t forget to vote for me your Admiral, after all, we’re in this together. Black wolves’ lives don’t matter. All you need is being a swine and we swines should stick together.”


A follow up of the tale The three pigs written a while ago first published here

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A Google-free life

My very old phone gave up on me today at least it looks like it. It starts up with a rattling sound and next it shuts down. Later I’ll ask my child for the tiny screwdriver to open (operate) it. What is broken can only be fixed. It’s worth the try. In the meanwhile, I looked for another phone. It can be a simple one just to make calls (a battery that lasts a week is rare these days and I’m getting tired of buying adapters and cables. The cables don’t last long.).
While searching the internet I read about 15% of the phones function without Google. To some it’s the end of the world to others like me it’s not although, I live in the modern world. A world where they force me into using banking apps, government apps, digital signing in apps and apps for health insurance and so on. All those apps can only be downloaded via the play store. This means Google knows all about it which sucks.

While reading on I read Google at least reads each account about 35 times an hour (if not hundred times, once a day is already a lot). Google reads your phone, knows who you are calling, texting, what you search for and even who you write and your notes! Really? Since if that’s true google shares my articles and publishes my books and will say I’m a plagiarist which doesn’t feel so good. Now you might say Google is just a huge computer collecting, calculating, selling private information but behind each machine is a person and I’m not the one who believes there aren’t individuals who have benefited from it.

So today it’s the second day in a row I keep myself busy with my e-mail address, Google account and opt-out of what I didn’t already. To be honest it sounds weird to me Google even checks my physical movements. What exactly is the idea behind that? If I move too much I’m not at home and spread a virus or am up to something bad? And what If I don’t move at all? Will consider Google me being unhealthy or dead?
To be honest, after reading all this info – true or made up – I’m glad I always suffered from a slow internet connection plus I do not pay with a credit card. So no Google Chrome for me, no buying whatever the play store has for sale. I’m not interested.

Besides the banking apps, what will I miss most in a Google-free life? Will I be limited?

I can email and use proto mail, onmail are many of the other free emails. I can surf the internet by using duckduckgo and some say the Samsung browser is a safe and good option too (this browser can be downloaded by every android user). If Samsung with its own apps and app store is safer than Google I don’t know but it’s an option. They say Microsoft is too by the way.

I gave up on the app MedGemak. It’s the government’s idea of a medical file plus extras. It should be handy to make an appointment with your doctor or figuring out your test results plus you can leave your doctor a message. It’s not a plus since the record I saw wasn’t mine which means the doctor – she never met me – messed up or made it up.

If it comes to apps there are many ways to lay your hands on them if you cannot use a site via the browser. Next to Samsung’s app store, there are other ways. You can visit the original site (Telegram’s it for example) and download the apk file directly from it. There’s F-droid, Aptoide, APKmirror, APKpure, Amazon (not sure if that’s smart and they don’t check you out) and so on. These are all sites where you find the apps you can’t live without including some extra gadgets and games. If you like you can even download Google apps – indeed without Google knowing you did – which is an option to some whose phone came without the 101 Google apps and to those who don’t want to lay hands on it without starting an Google account. I’m not going to advise this. It’s your decision what you install on your device and how you use your phone.

Since Huawei no longer is allowed to use Google’s apps it might be a great help and a good substitute. I say might because it depends on where you live. A phone made in China traces and checks you out too and all these data end up? I read that Xiaomi had to leave these “features” out to be allowed to sell in Europe but did they? Since Europe is not different from China these days I can imagine nothing has changed or the EU added their own spying chip in it to check out who’s a productive slave and who’s the terrorist.
Have you noticed batteries can no longer be removed? The reason for this is not only to force you to buy the latest model as soon as possible.

What I use my phone for on a daily basis:
– writing, so I need a notebook, my phone came with one.
– reading texts, pdf and text can be read by the notebook
– SMS/texting, the phone provides in it.
– using the internet, search options, I use duckduckgo
– making a phone call a few times a year, nothing special is needed.
– reading email, works fine without google’s email, via browser is an option too
– Telegram, downloaded the apk via their official site
– Signal to stay in touch in case of need, possible to install the apk

I deleted Google translate and never used Google maps. Nearly each Google app I deleted and what cannot be deleted is changed back into the ‘factory’s installation’, the state the phone is sold.  I gave up on boring Facebook and Twitter longer ago and last year on WhatsApp and I don’t miss these social media. Those I know and don’t have or want to use Signal can send me an e-mail. Google’s sneaky Covid-19 notification I switched off from day number one. I don’t consider it a helpful tool. It will only divide people more and it says nothing about someone’s health. I’m not interested in who has (had) what.

By the way: Without Google’s apps running in the background my phone (not the latest or most expensive one) became way faster which is another plus.

Good phone, bad phone, old or new with or without Google apps Big brother watches each one of us no matter where we live. The only way to opt out of the system is to live the life of a hermit and ‘leave’ your country or be homeless which I know some people around me do to opt-out of the system.
Besides of Samsung with its own apps and Huawei there are phones for sale without hardly any apps like some Motorola and Nokia and even Android phones without Google apps and /e/ OS/ * but they are very expensive. Threehundred+ up to over eight hundred euros for a phone – some a refurbished – I consider as too much. So what I don’t need I delete and I’ll see how far I get. If it doesn’t work for some reason and I can’t find another way to get what I need I can always install google again but not today.

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Would you’ve turned around?

Once you step into a jab centre you made up your mind. You will take that jab for a reason. Your motive. You might want to go out, visit a pub or restaurant, want to travel or go to a festival. You do not take that injection because you deeply care about all those unknown elderly people or the vulnerable. If you take that jab you do it for yourself. That shot gives you hope. The hope to go to the cinema, the hope to enter a shop or in some cases to keep your job. You go for it because you do not dare to say: I pass. Sorry, I’m not a genuine pig I won’t participate in this experiment I care about my health.

If it’s your turn you don’t dare to ask if there are side effects or if it will kill you. The idea might pop up but you ignore these thoughts. If you wait 15 minutes and nothing happens you’ll be alright. Besides all those others took it so why not you? Why should it harm you, after all, you are a good person.

There’s no need to think it over. Why should you think about insurances that might not pay out if there would be a side effect worse than a painful spot? Why should you be one of those few with bad luck? Why should anyone get paralyzed or no longer be able to work or practice sport?
You don’t reread the contracts between you and the insurance companies stating you are not allowed to take part in an experiment. Why should you if the government guarantees if something goes wrong you can knock on their door and they will solve all your health and financial issues?

There’s no need to ask yourself why Moderna, J&J, AstraZeneca or all the others who swear their vaccine is safe and makes you immune refuse to pay if any harm is done. Your head already spins of all those different opinions and stories made up.
Why should you break your brains about the fact politicians, ministers, kings, queens, VIPs, doctors, virologists and all those consultants are not taking the shot?
There’s no reason to doubt about the fact only 3 “scientists” are allowed to spread the news.

Why bother about unvaxxed children abandoned from school? Children who have to follow lessons outside while it’s winter. Children who have to undress in the freezing cold before they can enter the swimming pool. Why should you care? The only one to blame is the parent who refuses to let his child be jabbed for the sake of…

That’s sake is the question. A question no one can answer. Children will not die of any variant of the coronavirus. Not one single child did during the past two years. By now we know the injections do not protect against spreading any virus. Those who are injected and take booster after booster still live in fear.
If these shots don’t stop spreading a virus, do not make you immune, the side effects harm and kill more people than co-vi-d did why should you take it? To go out and spread the virus? To visit the elderly and put them in danger? To travel abroad and end up in quarantine? To give a good example to your children? If this is the case I wonder what all those children will say about their parents. Perhaps not now but in five, ten, fifteen or twenty-five years. Will they be proud of their folks and say: You did a great thing and saved us, the world?

Will disabled people still exist or will healthy people be a rarity?
No matter what the scenario will be healthcare in the nearest future will no longer be available for the minority. Sick, disabled people are a burden to each society and not only for parents or children who have to deal with it. In the future, there won’t be money for healthcare. It’s even questionable if there are good, trustworthy doctors, nurses, caretakers left. People who won’t kill you with one injection or pill because you are no longer needed.

Would it have made any difference if the one who gave you that jab had informed you about all the health dangerous risks you take? The site didn’t exist yet as this experiment started but if you couldn’t have consulted it before you received that jab and without your lot number.

Imagine if those who gave the injections would have informed everyone. Would they have asked what a seizure or paralysed person looks like? Would they have stepped out of that line, turned around and gone back home? Would you if they told you you would be infertile or dead in 2023? Would you’ve changed your mind if they informed you objectively and told you you have over 85% to get harmed and your natural immune system will never function again? I don’t think so.

Indeed all those who didn’t inform each client they injected about the risks of joining medical experiments committed a crime. It is against the law and if done on purpose (in this case it is) it’s a crime. This indeed means every vaccination centre is a crime scene. Crime scenes should be investigated. Being vaccinated with an experimental injection is no law. It is what they did in concentration camps during the second world war. It is against the Nürnberg code! Since no government changed the law this means you lined up out of your own free will.
I believe if you would have been informed you still would have taken that injection because you trust a company like AstraZeneca who has been sued more than once and your fear lead you.  You would have ignored what the doctor said. How do I know? Because many great doctors, specialists, virologists and scientists said so. They informed and warned about what could happen. They were laughed at, scolded at and reported by their patients, removed on social media and called conspiracy terrorists by colleagues, the media and you.

The bitter truth is these “conspiracy terrorists” turn out to be right. After (more than) two years of predicting what would happen, telling us how we would be fooled, fall for the lies, how easily we would let ourselves be divided readily to fight and blame the opposite, we still think the next shot will save our life. We still believe we go back to normal while our impatience increases. In the meanwhile, we fear those we harmed, those we blamed for our (bad) choices and misery, our lack of courage. The anxiety for what the new normal will bring eats us but most of all we worry about the consequences of our deeds.

I believe 2022 will be the year of truth. Perhaps not the year of justice and tribunals about crimes committed against humanity but the truth will be known.
No way we go back to normal but hopefully, we build a new normal together. A normal build on trust with love, energy and hope for the future. A chance for our children, the next generation without the shame we brought over them by our behaviour, lack of courage.
The only way to do so is by staying strong, united and taking responsibility for our own deeds instead of making excuses of why we did what when and for which reason. The only thing that counts is we show and spread love and do our best from now on.

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