Snow white

He examined his precious knife.
How many times had it taken one but also saved his life?

“Stop it. Do as suggested. It’s not complicated.
Take it out, do what needs to be done and get over it!”

Most of its life it had spent inside anyway, it looked unhealthy, extremely pale.
A quick move and presto, the head fell off for sure it looked awesome on a silver scale.

It was the best solution something even the Bible mentioned.
Not a single soul would care about one more lost kid.

He hummed as he left the room and his beloved and loyal wife.
They didn’t need a child to complete their wedded life.

“Hey, little girl how about some company?
I go for a walk in the forest. You like to come along with me?
It’s a lovely day, what do you say?
We can hunt for deer, there’s no need to fear.
There’s an entire world full of light that you should discover instead of hiding inside.”

It wasn’t frequently dad showed up,
the little girl put down her cup
of tea. She loved her dad that was clear,
the only thing she wanted is to have him near.
She nodded and stood up to take on her shoes and gown.
When exactly was the last time they went out together, he always went alone?


What was the emergency?

No need to answer she noticed soon enough.
Once they had travelled over those seven mountains he would show his love
and loyalty to his wife,
the only one he cared for in this life.

The road was long there was so much to see,
Insects, butterflies, a wild pig and birds in the tree.

One hammered at the trunk as if it was drunk.
A snake slithering in the grass warned her fast
“Get out of here run for life, your dad hunts for you he’ll use his knife!”

Too late, the adult grabbed her hair, set his knee into her back
pushed the blade on the fragile girl’s neck.

“It won’t take long my dear, say your prayer the end is near.”

She didn’t beg for her life, didn’t cry
or asked her father why.

She kept her eyes closed, the father did it
The lamb was sacrificed, slaughtered.

No hunter with mercy felt for this little child
saved her life by setting her free into the wild,
to end up as the slave of seven dirty, old men
who ruled her life just because they can.

For sure there was no prince charming passing by asking why
such a beautiful child died. Only one guy
a necrophile did but not quiet coincidentally.
It wasn’t the girl’s looks but her smell alone
and that’s why he took her for pleasure with him to his home.

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All life ends with a big BANG, likely a war.
Contact with you means I need to travel far.
Lookalike of a star, not memorizing it’s name.
I reach out for you once awhile.
Only if I feel powerless, lame.
Those times you give vitality
Once in my space…
World-famous energy bar
You are

Those 7 goats

She felt tired at the moment she woke up.

Being a mom of seven wasn’t an easy job.

She had to admit she had it with it.

Those seven sprouts were already awake, jumping on her bed.

Screaming for food, wrecking down the place, it drove her mad.

“I am too old for this” she bleated while she tried to stand on all four.
One jumped on her back, the youngest bleated for more.


“Do you mind!”

Two pulled her goatee and one bumped into her behind.

Shopping day.
No way!
She would not take those seven nightmares along with her.

“Ben, stop it and get over here!”

The eldest goat startled as he heard the sound of her voice.
Usually, his mom had a gentle soft choice

but this one sounded more like mister Bear. Good enough to scare the hell out of you, be aware.

“Mom, who?”

The food he just stole fell on the ground and he hesitated to come nearby.

“Clean up that mess and take care of your siblings. I am going out, now!”


“No, but, no why! Those days are over. You drive me insane.”

Her eyes spat fire as she looked at them and the extreme mess they made.

She wished they were never born. Those nasty little monsters ruined everything for what she strived.
Not one moment rest she had had
from the moment they set a foot into her life.

The tears welled up in her eyes. The only thing she longed for was,
some rest, a peaceful environment, and sleeping in the grass.
Just do once for a change as she liked.
Instead, she was abandoned to the woods because of those dreadful…

No one liked to have her around since then, it all started when they molested the shed, started bullying the sheeps those little creeps.

“Mom?” the youngest bleated lost.

It seemed to be the only one who cared once in a while. For a second their noses touched.

“Stay here with the rest and close the door” were the last words she bleated before she left.

She didn’t look back as she walked straight ahead. She felt way too tired for that.

“Hi, dear” mister Bear greeted her “why do you look so sad.”

“Please, spare me your chit chat and leave me alone.”

“Damn girl you are moody, take a break sit down next to this stone..”

“Are you deaf old bear”, she rasped.

The bear had never seen her that angry and gasped.

His intentions were good, always had been but that lady was so extremely mean.

Timid he ran into the opposite way, that goat had spoiled his entire day.

Goat didn’t care about the feelings of the old guy, she didn’t want to be close to the forest’s citizens that’s why.
She continued her way while looking at her feet, once back at the farm, her future was guaranteed.
She smiled although the road was long, how good it would be to be among
those who were most close to her, the sheep, the donkey, the stur…


It was the fox who called out her name.
A handsome red guy who felt no shame.

“Wait for me girl, I can keep you company I am heading North too as you can see.”

The charming fox touched her gently at her knee.

“Mister Fox”, she said firmly.

“I know, I know you are not into me but hey, we can be friends I won’t bite you and silently guide you.”

She stopped and gazed at the fox for a while, gnawing on a leaf and gave him a smile.
It was good enough to encourage the red-haired predator, it made him hope for more if not now maybe later.

The seven goats were shocked as their mother left the door.
They were not in the mood to clean up, scrub the floor.
They crawled into a corner of their home, it was the first time their mom left them alone.

“We better close the door”, the youngest said, “what if someone breaks in. Mum will be extremely mad…”

“Oh shut up, you nasty, spoiled little thing, you made this jumble too”, bleated goat number two.

“Knock, knock anyone home? Oh, dear what a slum. Are you kids alone?”

A huge black paw pushed against the door and… there was more.
The wolf stepped inside and grinned.

“Guess, what I heard from my friend the wind.”

The seven monsters stared at the beast.

“I told you”, the youngest bleated, “why didn’t you lock the door”.

“Shut up! I don’t wanna hear you anymore”, the eldest shrieked.

“At your service!”

The wolf jumped and swallowed number one while the other six ran.

Did they play hide and seek or run for their life?
It doesn’t matter because the wolf caught them all, he felt hungry and had a pregnant wife.
They both needed to eat too and this is a natural thing for a wolf to do.

Another tale:

Little red rides

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No way!

They had to make sure that none of their colleagues noticed as they. The small chapel on the first floor was where they met.

There had been many theories about how she had been murdered and they were close about solving the mystery. The proof was inside.

Everything about her was a lie. It was a mystery to them how no one had figured it out. How long ago it had been it happened? Years passed by and not one single soul ever doubted.

**Rule the day** was written on the stone they gathered around. It hadn’t been as difficult as they thought to find it neither to get the tools needed inside. No one ever seemed to visit the chapel. Spider webs made that clear.

“He waited until her husband was out of the room, then…”
It was clear to Ben what had happened. To him, there was no need to lift that stone and see the proof. He was the one who figured it out, knew long before.

“The kiss reminded him of chemistry lessons in school, when if the right two elements were put together, they’d explode”

His voice had never sounded that cold. The others stared at him and wondered what came into him.

“So far, the disease had cropped up in five different towns..”

Did Ben lose his mind?

“There’s no disease Ben, stop the rambling you are mistaken! We are here to solve a case, a cold case. Are you still with us?”

Jen shook him at his shoulder while speaking, frowned and looked at the others. Was Ben losing his mind? He had a weird look in his eyes and didn’t respond.

He’d never forgotten those teenage years. The promises she made, the lies, how she treated him, tried to rule him. The most beautiful and vibrant girl around.

More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the landlords and she had thought she was different but he had seen her true face. The wolf in sheep’s clothing… She ran, ran for her life.

As she stopped to catch her breath, she looked back at what she had lost. She didn’t saw it come just heard the words whispering in her ear “you will never rule, good day”.

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A fling

“It would only be a fling – she wasn’t about to break up the happy home.”

At least that was what was planned and they both felt the same way. There was no need to argue about it. Life wasn’t easy, a steady relationship wasn’t either and something new added energy, life,  something good to what they already had.
At home, everything looked more perfect, perhaps too perfect but it was fine with her. There was no need to complain about all those small things in life which irritated and the bigger issues like the stinking breath. It felt good not to worry any longer.

The need to change or admit it was complicated was gone. Nothing was complicated these days. The sun shone, she had a great job, an attentive friend who showed interest in her and the housekeeper… She took care of what needed to be taken care of. The woman looked happy even happier as when they first met.
She observed her while she was singing and did her thing, recognized in her what she felt, and knew it was way more than just a fling.

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New age

The start and the End.

Did it start yet?

I don’t mean the year 3000, a second Golden Age but the New Normal. The period where social distance is formal.

If we all stick to the rule we will create something cool.

A world where touching is a crime, no firm “NO” needs to be said by a drugged victim of gang rape, how about that?

A better world where we can proceed against those, who spit, cough, and sneeze and try to be close.

Finally, it’s allowed to be who you are, to watch how someone dies of a heart attack, or after been hit by a car.

No need to worry, It’s all fine, ‘cause getting near, first aid and touching is a serious crime.

Welcome to the age where you can refuse to shake hands there’s no need, to kiss we all will have our own 6 six feet.

The new age will be so good for the mood of those who can not appreciate the sick, overweight, and elderly. They all will no longer be.


Het Coronavirus.Het kwam op het juiste moment niet alleen voor vele regeringen maar ook voor mij. Van het ene op het andere moment zijn vrijwel alle politieke problemen opgelost. Niemand protesteert, demonstreert, staakt. Brexit, open of gesloten grenzen is geen onderwerp van gesprek meer en de gedwongen zoektocht naar een baan met bijbehorende stress en afwijzingen met dreiging intrekken van uitkering is afgelopen.De boerka is geen onderwerp van gesprek meer en geen hand geven is niet langer onbeschoft.De hangjongeren en problematiek van straatbendes is opgelost, net als het leraren tekort en de overspannen huisarts.Eindelijk kunnen we ongestrafd thuisblijven. Er hoeft niet meer gespijbeld te worden of een smoes verzonnen te worden om niet naar het werk te gaan.Ongemerkt wordt het onderwijs versimpeld en thuisscholing ingevoerd. Examens zijn niet meer van toepassing, wie niet zelfstaandig leren kan of ouders heeft die niets kunnen uitleggen groeit om als de toekomstige arbeider, de handarbeiders die wij dringend nodig hebben.Het probleem met de luchtvervuiling buiten wordt opgelost een goed bewijs om straks de bevolking mee om de oren te slaan (zie je wel het ligt niet aan het bevolkingsoverschot). Wel jammer dat de luchtvervuiling binnenshuis vele malen toeneemt en deze was al hoger dan buiten maar dat wordt niet gemeten dus kan genegeerd worden.De economische crisis waaronder al zo’n 15 jaar geleden wordt en geen oplossing voor is gaat nu eindelijk opgelost worden net als het bevolkingsoverschot en het probleem met betrekking tot de Dion pil.Het overschot aan (landbouw) bedrijven neemt af, net als de noodzaak van menselijk contact. We houden afstand en spreken elkaar wel online.We worden allemaal vegan want de varkens- en vogelpest en het Coronavirus doen de dieren de das om.Eindelijk is het zover en komt het online leven in de lift en wordt het normaal gevonden dat je je leven achter een schermpje slijt. Je bent niet langer een buitenbeentje als binnenvetter, a-sociaal, autist of wanneer je een straatfobie hebt. De chipknip heeft het nooit gered maar contactloos betalen wordt het nu helemaal.Er is eindelijk meer blauw op straat alleen al omdat er niemand op straat is. Hoewel… bij ons staan de ouderen gewoon gezellig tegenover elkaar te keuvelen. Zij zijn niet zo schrikachtig. Tenslotte heeft de media hen jarenlang als opvreters afgeschilderd en “hebben zij de oorlog meegemaakt en moeten zij niet zo zeuren”, aldus de directie van een Belgisch verzorgingstehuis. Bij ons in het dorp wordt dan ook niet gezeurd maar genoten.Eindelijk me-time, massaal ontstressen, burnouts bestrijden en tijd voor het eigen gezin. Zelf je kinderen iets leren en weer opvoeden, je huisdier verzorgen, je huis aan kant en weer asndacht voor (persoonlijke) hygiĆ«ne.

Er zijn zo veel voordelen aan het Coronavirus we mogen ons wel gelukkig prijzen dat er bij dit virus massaal, wereldwijd besloten is om koppen te tellen.

Eindelijk kan ik rustig en vrij over straat lopen.Niemand raakt mij aan of loopt mij onder de voet. Zodra ik er aan kom doet men een paar stappen opzij of achteruit.Eindelijk kan ik op mijn dooie gemak winkelen en over straat slenteren.Niemand dringt meer voor en ik kan rustig al mijn boodschappen neerleggen en inpakken.De straten zijn een stuk leger en schoner.Geen hangjongeren en nep daklozen die aan je zitten, je uitschelden,bedelen om geld voor de villa in Roemeniƫ.De hoeveelheid afval op straat is flink afgenomen.Minder autorijden.Wat een geluk dat mijn kinderen niet meer naar school hoeven. Sinds er een naar de middelbare school gaat red ik het niet meer met 1 tank per maand. Ik bespaar mij nu de kosten van tanken en mijn auto slijt minder snel.Geen school.Heerlijk wij hoeven niet meer om 4 uur uit bed. We kunnen drie uur langer slapen.Ik bespaar mij de kosten voor een busabonnement en al die extra kosten voor verplichte schooluitjes en schoolevenementen waar mijn kinderen niets aan vinden en leerkrachten mij steeds me bedreigen.Ik bespaar mij de kosten voor extra eten voor op school en onderweg.Ik bespaar mij de kosten van beltegoed voor mij en de kinderen.Het is het laatste jaar voor mijn jongste. De toelatingstest voor de volgende school is al in februari gedaan en de behoefte aan een afscheid van de klas en school is er niet. Een bijzonder saai en langdradig afscheid wordt ons bespaard net als de aanschaf van nette kleding en nieuwe schoenen.Geen stressIk hoef nergens meer verplicht op te komen draven.Ons eigen bioritme gaat het langzaam maar zeker weer overnemen.ContactOnvoorstelbaar maar waar maar ik spreek sinds de sluiting van de scholen meer mensen per dag dan voorheen in een maand (ik bedoel jaar). Iedereen heeft ineens meer tijd/behoefte om bij te praten.Lijdt ik onder het Coronavirus?Nee. Ik leef afgelegen, ver van de medemens en mijn enige directe contact met mensen zijn mijn kinderen, is via mijn kinderen of de supermarkt. Mijn kinderen blijven nu thuis en de komende weken komen wij niet meer in de bewoonde wereld/tussen de mensen. Mijn voorraad is groot genoeg om het ca twee maanden uit te zingen bij 1-2 maaltijden per dag.De groepspraktijk van huisartsen is gesloten en doet alleen nog telefoondienst. In drie maanden tijd is het mij niet gelukt hen te spreken, zelfs niet om online een afspraak te maken. Ik heb niet de illusie dat de dokter bereikbaar is mochten wij ziek worden. Ik heb een pillenvoorraad en hoef niet naar de drogist of apotheek.Ik ga mij minstens 100 euro per maand besparen en dat is voor mij een flink bedrag.De sfeer thuis is er alleen maar op vooruit gegaan. Minder stress, minder lange, vermoeiende, en voor mijn kinderen vaak ook saaie schooldagen. Ook de herrie van gillende klasgenoten en de daarmee gepaarde ergernissen wordt hen bespaard.#YoorsCoronaPositiveChallenge#kittywu#coronaviris2020

Rot geschenk

Zij reageert tamelijk suf de koffiejuf die iedereen bedient.

Reageert uiterst traag op de vraag of zij soms ook thee schenkt.

“Heeft u misschien ook een zitplaats zonder rook?” vraagt mijn vriend.

Zij reageert stug keert hem de rug wanneer hij haar nogmaals wenkt.

Zij is klein van stuk, klimt op een kruk terwijl zij luidkeels grient.

“Wat een gedoe ik ben hiervoor te moe” brult zij plots gekrenkt.

“Dit heeft geen zin wat een onding waaraan heb ik dat verdiend?”

“Kijk mij ik kan er met m’n kannetje niet bij die koffiemachine wil ik niet geschenkt!”







Brave face

From one moment to the next everything changed.

It was not that there were no signs but it was easier to ignore them or simply admit, give in and enjoy the good times, all the benefits.
Realizing the game is over, things will never be the same is hard. Flexibility has never been one of his skills. What was wrong with being used to what you have?

“Even if it’s annoying, a struggle?

It was back! There it was again the little voice named instinct. It didn’t die or left. All those years of trying so hard to ignore it with scientific reasons, stats, etc didn’t scare it off. Angry he stared at his screen. He would _not_ so easily give up on what he worked for, invested in for so many years.

“You knew the risks of investments. There’s always a chance to lose everything.”

It felt as if a cold hand trapped his heart. No way he would answer that dumb voice that tried to beat him with his own words. Plagiarism it was! Those words he told so many others in the last years. “You knew the risks, it was your own free decision, no one forced you into it.”

His anger increased while he hit the keys of his keyboard. He would not let go of it because of some stupid cheat that tried to loot him. A lack of talent didn’t mean he had no face and front.

You signed your own death sentence. You have till tomorrow 4 pm.






No sweat.

“I hated to be a substitute, an assistant, why am I second, less important?”

The sheriff held the note in his hand while he read.

No sweat.

“You have to be available for further investigation,” the deputy collector said.

This is a pic