Sweet Candy

It is just one of these days you hate and you wish you were dead although your mom says it’s not real and it’s all in your head.

But… how can she know that?

She never set a foot inside with me or kept me company, just dropped me, even kicked me out of the car because she said she couldn’t walk that far.

How can she do this to her only child – lonely me – deliver it into the claws of to the enemy?

I tried it all cried, yelled, screamed and begged for hours on my knees.

She totally ignored me, asked advice from her niece.

“Better let Candy cool down somewhere else or you create a monster.

“That is what the stupid cow of a niece said to my mom, I wonder how that woman can be so blind and extremely dumb.

It is very hard to believe she ever went to that monstrous school, those teachers are not cool!

“Candy behave”, my mom said.

What the hell does she mean by saying that to me I’m the sweetest girl around, she should be happy and proud of me instead of spanking me on her knee!

“Mom please!”

I cried out loud and begged her again and again…

“It is me Candy your sweety I am so scared of that man!”

“Please, come inside with me and see…”

“Who do you mean?”, she asked suddenly, “Is it a kid in your class that’s bothering you or do you mean that handsome teacher…

“Her eyes sparkled as she blushed while my mouth fell wide open as I noticed her neck that showed me the bite.

“Who did taste you over there, when was it and where”, I yelled at her.

She giggled like a stupid 13-years old chick as she declared that stupid teacher did it.

“I’m not always ignoring you my sweetheart I had a look at your school, well for the biggest part, and you know what he thinks I’m smart.

“How come I am the only one with a mother who can not even protect her daughter?

Next day as I went back to school I didn’t say goodbye to the fool that was no longer the person I once loved to death.

It didn’t matter she didn’t notice I left.

“What made him ask what is written on the blackboard if he knows I can not read and it’s all abracadabra to me?”

“Hey sweety sit straight, I asked you to read out loud what this is about”, he hissed at me.

He looked me in the eye and suddenly I knew why.


This was not about me, that teacher was a big joke, how come I didn’t see he cannot write at all.

“Prepare for your fall!”

I ain’t the sweetest candy – it’s only what you all believe – I can seriously hurt with my scream of fear and that is how I’ll pierce that blood-sucking heart.

Death is near.

source prompt By @agmoore2

This is my entry to The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 9 hosted by @tristancarax and
The CCC – Lyric poetry contest. (Theme: candy) hosted by @felixgarciap






A Christmas Carol

The elderly woman and the mechanic.

Once upon a time, there was an elderly woman.

She was kind and not used to complain, willing to help others and share.
She lived her life alone since her son left although she had done everything for him he didn’t care. She raised him with love and care, fed and nursed him and gave him everything he needed, asked and even demanded.

Now she became old he was no longer interested in her.
She became useless to him, a burden. There was nothing to get and she had her problems. Problems he could not deal with but also not name.

On a day the old lady went out on a day and met a young couple.
They told her they felt hungry and haven’t been eaten for days.
Which cruel person ignores a cry for help? She had no money to share but some food at home. A jar olives and she could offer some bread, a hot drink. The couple gratefully accepted and followed her home.
They ate everything they could find, robbed the place and wrecked it down before they left.

There she sat… the old, generous lady between the pieces of her life.
Enormous chaos came over her and she didn’t know what to do. She sat down and waited. Waited for help.

It is December, the end of December.
It is nearly Christmas.
How come no one cares these days?
Indeed. The holidays start so soon and gifts need to be bought and wrapped. It is the merry, jolly season you know. The best time of the year and we should celebrate. No time for sadness and sorrow, loneliness, the guests will arrive soon!

Yes, it is December and the old lady is waiting for the light.
A reward from heaven perhaps after all she did for others? But the star of Bethlehem does not shine above her place and without it, no one will find her.
It’s starting to get cold and she puts on a second pullover and… waits.

It only two days before Christmas.
The son finally calls her to tell he has no time to be with her. Christmas he will celebrate with the ones he loves.
She cries, tells about the couple that robbed her two weeks earlier, the broken boiler, the chaos and she feels so cold.

If there was one thing the son couldn’t stand it was a problematic, old, whining woman. She always gave him a bad mood, made him feel miserable. He made a quick call to a technician, promised whatever the man asked and switched his phone off. He had better things to do.

Some people keep their promises.
Even promises given to an unreliable person.
The mechanic rang and went over to an elderly lady he didn’t know or met before and she let him into her world. He stepped into the chaos, cold and misery and gave her the warmth she deserved without asking for a payment.

And the son? What happened to him? He must have been happy he didn’t have to invest time, energy and money in his mother, that old troublemaker! But beware! Like I told you fairy tales seldom have a happy end for everyone. These are lessons told. Lessons you better keep in mind if you do not like to end up like that son.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

It is not so bad to do a good deed for someone in real need. Try to let your heart speak for a stranger once in a while.

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The end of the story.

“It’s so damned complicated.”
“Hold on.”

Johnnie Walker stood on the table.
The phone fell on the floor.

Dilemma solved.
Johnnie wasn’t an issue anymore.








Lo que escribí / What I wrote:
Colorful, sunlight
Delight on a cloudy day
A merry-go-round

La traducción / The translation:
Colorido, luz solar
Deléitate en un día nublado
Un tiovivo ronda

Demasiadas sílabas lo cambié (ver debajo de la foto) / Too many syllables I changed it (see underneath the photo).


Colorido, sol.

Placer un dia nublado.

Carrusel ronda.






You dare!
Who are you?
Preaching this my dear.
There isn’t much time left.
You know the end is near.
Its true life isn’t fair.
No need to fear.
I won’t tell.
Scary hare.






Probleem foto’s uploaden

Ik ben een mobile blogger (android).

Sinds de laatste update kan ik geen afbeeldingen meer toevoegen. Op internet kan ik nergens de oplossing vinden Ik krijg gewoon de melding dat het niet lukt en ik heb nog maar eens een keer moet proberen.

Weet iemand hier een oplossing voor?

Ik heb het probleem misschien gevonden. Ik heb WordPress geopend via Google en internet explorer en vervolgens ingelogd. Wanneer ik dan een foto probeer te uploaden krijg ik de mededeling dat het bestand niet ondersteund wordt! Dit krijg je niet te zien via de app.

Met hulp van photogrid heb ik de foto opnieuw opgeslagen en dan lukt het well. Vreemd want aan de extensie is niets veranderd.

Not harmed




Drop dead!

Leave me alone.

Scolding does not hurt?

Your mother is a whore!

I wish you burn in hell!

I have had it with you folk.

Who of all can I call for help?

Not a single person cares, the harassing goes on.

The police always coming late if they come at all…

It’s the silence before the storm scaring me most of all.

Hope is gone, there’s no place to hide, isn’t it better to…

Lousy, lazy piece of shit, wish you were dead you spoil my life!

Slammed in the face, kicked into the stomach against the head still around not…

You hate me what did I do, how to be with me instead of you?

You make me so damned sick stupid blond chick, a whore’s child above all, not halal!

The only words they know…
scolding, cursing, related to sex, the common sense and intelligence is low.

I make you pay for all you did to me and my family you stupid cow, watch how!

Take a deep breath and let it go, ignore, turn the other cheek no harm can be done although…

Spat at, kicked hard, face swollen, beaten up,
no chance to fight back, knocked out thanks to… a broken cup.

Not even those three pots of hot tea can cover up the bruises and broken bones he recently gave to me.

Harassment is never your fault they say unless you are female, a child and refuse to pray and obey the boogie man.

You know the boogie man that piece of shit, a rapist, a bully no god but commander who tries to live like it?

No groaning, moaning, crying out loud,
I have to keep silent and try to hide, swallowing pride till the light evaporates the darkest cloud.

Not brain dead yet blood is everywhere on the walls, table, floor…
and the favorite chair too witnesses of what just happened again and before.

Yes, you are right I know she’s a whore the problem of my fall,
what happens to us our family, I agree,
thanks for your call.

Wake up girl your time is up pack your bag,
the favorite dress, necklace of auntie Jess, your passport and savings so you won’t have a lack!

Heaven can wait and I know I shouldn’t tell
but I made a reservation for you alone,
girl you go straight to hell,
the place where women belong.

A long drive with the car tied in the back of the trunk tasting own blood
it smells not so good, he drives like a madman is he drunk?

The brakes are fine there is no need to panic, why is he in such a hurry it’s our last day together and it will be a farewell to me.

Get out you filthy pig, piece of shit you spoiled my life and the trunk of my BMW,
there’s no single person on earth as awful as you, you disgust me!

On the top of the cliffs we stand close it’s so high,
I cannot swim but know how to fly
It’s the end…
one misstep and he falls without even saying goodbye.


Doorgaan met het lezen van “Not harmed”